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I added 330 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s episode.

4 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Episode 5×10 captures and video clips

  1. Cands

    WHAT a fantastic twist!!!
    I was in shock for several minutes after this episode ended!
    Then I watched it again – through very different eyes.
    This has GOT to be the best twist in all the seasons of WC yet.

  2. Cands

    And I still REALLY miss Sara. Never did think Neal and Rebecca had anywhere near as much chemistry as he and Sara had.
    I think Neal may need Sara right now – Rebecca’s seeming betrayal is gonna be a hard blow.
    Sara was always in his corner – after she got over her stolen painting, that is.

  3. Cands

    Oh, and one last thing (hope I’m not outstaying my welcome here!).
    If you wanna watch THE BEST YouTube clip of Neal Caffrey in WC to date (in my humble opinion), go to
    If you aren’t already head over heels for him, you will be after watching this! 😉

  4. Gabriele

    For now, thanks for the photos and video-clips, Kelly

    And thank you Cands, for the youtube advice.
    For that matter, I´m saying: Endless loop !!

    Neal is actually a poor guy. He tries to please everyone and fall down.

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