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By Kelly Jan 27, 2014 Gallery,White Collar 7 comment

Check out 4 “White Collar” stills from the Season 5 finale airing this Thursday.


7 Responses to “Added “White Collar” Episode 5×13 stills”
  1. Carolyn Says:

    Kelly, Do you know if there will be a 6th season of White Collar.

  2. Linda Merryweather Says:

    Looks like a nail biter!

  3. Cands Says:

    Oh man, how can they DO this to us again?!! :P Talk about leaving us hangin! I was really hoping for a nice, satisfying ending, but no, that would be too much to expect…
    I gather by the ending that there will probably be another season – the problem is waiting so long for it to be released. :(
    How I am going to miss the WC collar team and all their quirkiness, humour and loveableness.
    And of course the magnificent Neal Caffrey most of all.
    Man, but it is a sad week – it always is when a WC season ends…
    Now the withdrawal starts – never pleasant… :(

  4. Beth Says:

    There should be a petition to the USA Network for more White Collar. Imagine how it would be if the USA Network actually treated White Collar fans and this program with respect. Imagine where this series could be with better time slots, some advertising outside the network, and some idea at this late date if this was a season finale or a finale. Why should we care if they do not care? The USA Network and the creators of White Collar need to hear from the fans.

  5. Daniela Says:

    I read that USA wants a season 6 but it’s Fox that is creating problems with the budget

  6. Cands Says:

    I agree Beth, and that’s a very good idea you have!
    Why don’t you start the petition? I’ll be one of the first in line to sign it! :)
    It has always been way under promoted in my opinion too.

  7. Daniela Says:

    There is a petition, I signed it yesterday, but I haven’t the link.

    When the screencaps of the season finale? please :-)