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By Kelly Feb 05, 2014 Gallery,Video,White Collar 8 comment

I added 296 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s season finale.

8 Responses to “Added “White Collar” Episode 5×13 captures and video clips”
  1. Mary Says:

    Still here & loving your site! Any news on Season 6?

  2. Daniela Says:

    Thanks sooo much!!

  3. Beth Says:

    Great season finale. There should be a petition to the USA Network for more White Collar. Imagine how it would be if the USA Network actually treated White Collar fans and this program with respect. Imagine where this series could be with better time slots, some advertising outside the network, and some idea, at this late date, if this was a season finale or a finale. Why should we care if they do not care? The USA Network and the creators of White Collar need to hear from the fans.

  4. Linda Merryweather Says:

    Another interesting video and leaves one wondering!

  5. Cands Says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign the petition!

  6. Cands Says:

    Hi Kelly
    Would you please consider putting the petition link, for renewing a 6th Season of White Collar, in the body of the main updates section of this website?
    I’m sure that the majority of visitors/members to this site do not go into the comments where I have pasted it, and for those who would like to see Matt in another season of WC, I’m sure this would be very helpful in promoting that.
    Thanks so much for your consideration!
    Here is the link:

  7. Gabriele Says:

    I agree Beth and Cands.
    The petition is a good thing.
    We will not stand idly be while our White Collar is made without a proper end.
    I have heard from a different direction again, a sixth season is now but no longer excluded. That there are already preparing. Is it true ? Unfortunately, there are also many rumors.
    It should therefor be supported a petition !!

  8. Kelly Says:

    I have added the petition to the sidebar.