Added TV Guide scans

Matt is featured on the cover of TV Guide, along with an article about “The Normal Heart” and also a new still!

“The Normal Heart” will debut Sunday, May 25th on HBO.

3 Comments to “Added TV Guide scans”

  1. Thank you for the TV Guide feature with Matt Bomer. With all the hype about Season 6 of White Collar, one almost forgets about all of the other “irons in the fire” that Matt has going, especially this one. The Normal Heart is very close to his heart, from what I read. Matt, you’ve done good! We Bomerbabes are proud of you.

  2. Gabriele says:

    You are absolutely right, Michele.
    It would be great, if there were a new sequel of White Collar.
    But as you already mentioned, there is The Normal Heart, Magic Mike 2 is under discussion and not forget, Monty Clift – The Movie.
    Shooting begins in December 14 / January 2015.
    We are proud of, I think, anyway on him. No matter what comes and happen.

  3. Humming says:

    Next Saturday is the world premiere of Space Station 76, you can see all the info here:
    @Silke_78 said on twitter that Matt will be there 🙂 (Sorry for my English).