The Last Tycoon: “Eine Kleine Reichmusik” Screen Captures

Hello, friends! A little bit earlier this time, here’s screen captures of the 5th episode, Eine Kleine Reichmusik. Promotional stills will be posted later.

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The Last Tycoon: “Burying the Boy Genius” Screen Captures

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“The Last Tycoon” Episodes 2/3 Promotional Stills

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The Last Tycoon: “More Stars Than There Are in Heaven” Screen Captures

We have updated our gallery with screen captures of the 3rd The Last Tycoon episode, titled “More stars than there are in Heaven“. As explained before, I’m going to post one episode per week. Enjoy it!

Matt Bomer in: Your Biggest Fan

Sparks fly when Matt Bomer (The Last Tycoon, White Collar, Magic Mike) visits the Above Average offices, and a quick interaction with his biggest fan, Rob King, changes his life…and his heart, forever.

‘The Last Tycoon’ Featured on TV Guide

The Last Tycoon is featured on the latest issue of TV Guide – now on stands. Check digital scans added in our gallery.

Credit: Nerd Utopia