‘Walking Out’ Screening at Giffoni Festival

It was announced a few days ago that Walking Out will be screening at Giffoni festival next July 19. The Alex and Andrew J. Smith movie tells the story about a father and son who must fight to survive, starred by Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins, Bill Pullman and Lily Gladstone.

“Our third feature, WALKING OUT, takes a timeless, archetypal story to absolute extremity: a father and son, at odds with each other, are forced by lethal circumstance to bond in the wilderness during a hunting trip. […] Our film asks: What sacrifices are necessary for survival? What is the right way to become a man? The main theme of Walking Out is this search for KNOWLEDGE. David, our hero, a modern, ‘plugged-in’ city mouse teenager—goes on a brutal yet profound journey into the heart of the Mountain. It is an epic voyage that takes him from ‘alien’ to ‘integrated’, from ‘arm’s length’ to the deepest embrace imaginable, from innocence to experience. Our main cinematic goal is to present his evolution—as he arcs from ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing’—as a map of healing. As a possible way forward”.

The film is on official competition, and you can read more about the festival at the official website

“Walking Out” SFilm Festival Premiere

Matt graced yesterday the premiere of Walking Out at SFilm festival, in San Francisco. We didn’t have much coverage (sadly), but I was able to find pictures, now added to the gallery.

Additional Sundance Portrait for ‘Walking Out’

Hello! Our gallery was just updated with another portrait Matt did while in Sundance to promote Walking Out.

‘Walking Out’ Party At The #IndieLounge

While in Sundance, Matt attended a party held for Walking Out and I finally was able to get HQ pictures. Check in our gallery.

SAGindie Actors Only Brunch

Before leaving Sundance yesterday, Matt still took time to attends the SAGindie Actors Only Brunch. I have a few HQ pictures added in our gallery.