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‘Walking Out’ Party At The #IndieLounge

While in Sundance, Matt attended a party held for Walking Out and I finally was able to get HQ pictures. Check in our gallery.

SAGindie Actors Only Brunch

Before leaving Sundance yesterday, Matt still took time to attends the SAGindie Actors Only Brunch. I have a few HQ pictures added in our gallery.

Sundance: ‘Walking Out’ Portraits

My favourite part of festivals are, definitely, the portraits. Check in our gallery some portraits Matt and the Walking Out cast did while in Sundance.

Matt Promotes ‘Walking Out’ On Sundance Festival

Matt attended some events yesterday to promote Walking Out before the premiere, that took place today (22) at the Sundance Festival, in Park City, Utah. I have a few pictures added, and I would like to thank Vicki, Pierangela, Tara and Jessica because, with their donations, I was able to get all pictures to upload in high quality. Check our gallery, and enjoy!

Matt Attends Creators League Studio at Sundance

Matt attended yesterday in Park City his first event at Sundance Festival. He’s there to promote Walking Out and joined actor Bill Pullman at the Creators League Studio. We have only three pictures of the event, but you can find in our gallery.

Additional Golden Globe Awards Pictures

Our gallery was updated with additional pictures of Matt yesterday at the Golden Globes, including high quality pictures of him and Naomi presenting on stage.

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