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Mother Monster took the Hotel and the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. You will find on this issue 14 pages talking about the newest season of Ryan Murphy horror show, and some insights about the characters. As previously posted, there’s the first look of Matt as Donovan, so check scans added in our gallery:

Entertainment Weekly has the first look into the Hotel, bringing Miss Gaga on cover and some pictures with the cast in character, including Matt as Donovan and Lady Gaga as Countess, which you can already check in our gallery.


You can expect scans as soon I receive my copy, that hits newsstands on Friday.

TV Guide has published some videos made during TCA with AHS:Hotel cast, in which they talk about their characters. Be warned it might contain spoilers!

Matt Bomer plays Donovan, a resident of Hotel Cortez who is kicked to the curb by his lover Elizabeth (Gaga) after she meets Tristan (Wittrock). And in true AHS fashion, Bomer reveals Donovan has some serious mommy issues thanks to his complicated relationship with his mother, Iris (Bates).

Summer TCA: Photos & More

August 13th, 2015

Last week Matt took part of the Summer TCA that’s happening in Beverly Hills, to promote American Horror Story: Hotel. He was joined by the (impressive) cast in order to chat about the upcoming season.

Lot of new things was revealed, including that Lady Gaga is the owner of the hotel, and she is sort of a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people and she has a nefarious plan that’s revealed in the first episode (Ryan Murphy‘s words). Bomer is Donovan, a denizen of the Hotel Cortez closely associated with Gaga, Bates and Wittrock’s characters, among others. (“He has very interesting relationships with the lady folk in his life,” he said).

Murphy also added some other words on Matt and Miss Gaga during the panel:

Everybody who does the show has to start with something disturbing and awful right away. And I think the first two days [Lady Gaga] has a pretty spectacular murder scene to shoot with Matt Bomer. And I’m glad that she has Matt. Because she’s so great and they’ve all socialized… I can’t say enough great things about her.

The 13-episodes series will air beginning Oct. 7. Check in our gallery HQ pictures as well from the All Stars party a night before the panel.

TV Guide finally released the video they did with Matt, Angela and Sarah during the Comic-Con, check it:

Best Break-Up Song? FEAT. A/H/S Cast – EW/MP

DESIREE just sang her favorite break-up song!I wish I had these stars of American Horror Story with me during my last break-up…Live from the Entertainment Weekly studio #EWComicCon #moviepilotSDCC

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Let the madness begin! The first teaser for American Horror Story: Hotel, featuring the one and only Lady Gaga, was officially released by FX after a whole day of speculation yesterday. Impatiently waiting now for the Donovan one.

The whole panel of AHS:Hotel and Scream Queens is now uploaded on youtube. The Matt entrance was cut but you can see the whole thing. If an official version is uploaded, I’ll replace the embed. Enjoy!

Matt attended earlier today the panel for American Horror Story: Hotel at San Diego Comic-Con. He was joined by co-stars Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and creator Ryan Murphy for a very nice chat moderated by EW’s Tim Stack.

Some highlights from the panel:

– Lady Gaga wrote Murphy saying she wanted to be on the show and wanted to be evil. He accepted saying “Okay, you came to the right place.”
– Matt, who filmed a sex scene for Freak Show in his underwear, filmed his first scene for Hotel — also in his skivvies.
– Matt also said that he’s a huge fan of horror, and joining the cast is a dream coming true. “Who wouldn’t want to join AHS?”
– Murphy revealed everybody is ‘bad boy’ this year. “The fun thing about the show is I always want to write the opposite of the season before.”
– Speaking to a fan theory that all the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, Murphy said that characters from previous seasons will check into Hotel. Said Murphy, “Its part of a very connected universe with a very cool thesis statement at the end of the run.”
– As a final tease, the cast AHS: Hotel revealed their character names: Bomer as Donovan, Peters as Mr. March, Paulson as Hypodermic Sally and Bates as Iris.

And in a not Hotel connection curiosity, Matt was asked who is his favourite superhero. He mentioned Nightwing. Let all geeks gods makes it come true!

Check in our gallery the first images:

Yesterday Matt, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett stopped by the EW Sirius MX Radio on Comic-Con to promote American Horror Story: Hotel and thanks to Alejandra you can listen the interview below. Also, HQ images have been added to our gallery. Enjoy!

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