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By Kelly Jul 15, 2010 Audio,Gallery,News,White Collar 1 comment

I added 20 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: A Cool Cat in the Hat.

I also added 116 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Deleted Scenes.

I also made 11 mp3’s from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Gag Reel for your listening enjoyment.

Please link back to us if posting them elsewhere! You can download them here.

PS: Matt will be appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, July 26th, 2010. (Source)

By Kelly Jul 15, 2010 Gallery,White Collar 8 comment

I added 4 more “White Collar” Season 2 Promos! It’s so great to finally see the cast together. Missing Tiffani though!

PS: When you have the chance, please vote for Matt as your favorite cable star here.

Also, check out Neal’s apartment on the “White Collar” official site.

By Kelly Jul 14, 2010 Gallery,News,White Collar 7 comment

I added 188 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Gag Reel.

I also added 45 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Pro and Con.

The special features are totally awesome, so be sure to go out and buy it!


VH1 has announced that Matt will be attending the 2010 Do Something Awards.
The 2010 Do Something Awards air live on VH1 on Monday, July 19 at 9/8c.
Thanks Jasmine for the tip! You can read more about the upcoming event here.

By Kelly Jul 14, 2010 Interviews,White Collar 0 Comments

 Over on the USA Network, a night of crime is a pretty good thing. “White Collar” returned for its second season Tuesday night, and drew 4.3 million viewers, down 20% from its series premiere but still 12% higher than its freshman season average. It seems a bank heist is what the viewers want!

Continuing the evening of good-looking television was the series premiere of “Covert Affairs,” starring Piper Perabo (“Beverly Hills Chihuahua”), which brought in 4.9 million viewers and is the highest-rated cable series premiere so far this year.

We’ve got a Q & A with Matt Bomer, who stars as “White Collar’s” charming con man Neal Caffrey, and Perabo, the newly minted CIA operative from “Covert Affairs.”

The twist: We’re not asking the questions. In between their hectic schedules — an appearance on the “Today” show (Bomer) and shooting a boat-hopping action sequence (Perabo), the actors wrangled some phone time (very) early Tuesday morning, as in 4:30 a.m. Pacific, to role play. Bomer pretended he’s a journalist, Perabo played herself, and we listened in. Time for you to eavesdrop:

Bomer: Let me pull out my copious journalistic notes. Piper, I know you’ve been asked hundreds of questions over the past week, so anything you don’t want to answer, just say ‘get lost’ and I’ll move on to the next one. First of all, you’re really incredible in this pilot. You nail the character, you look incredible and I thought the show was well cast. I’m really proud to have it come out after our show [on Tuesdays]; they complement each other really well. So tell me, how did the role of Annie Walker come your way?

Perabo: I was doing a play in New York and I was reading film script after film script. I couldn’t find anything … you know, I was really looking to play a hero. I read this script and I thought it was so incredible and I auditioned for it. It took a couple of auditions, actually, to get it.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Thanks Sab for the tip!

By Kelly Jul 14, 2010 Gallery,Site,Video,White Collar 12 comment

I added 557 “White Collar” Episode 2×1 captures.

I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here.

Matt Bomer Fan.com has been online for 8 months today! In only 8 months, we have had 171,500+ visits, 1,151,075+ views in the image gallery, and we currently have 1,730+ followers on our Twitter too. Want to see our stats over the past 8 months? If so, please click here. Thank you so much for visiting!

By Kelly Jul 13, 2010 Gallery,White Collar 1 comment

Crayen added 55 more photos of Matt and Willie filming “White Collar” on the streets of Manhattan yesterday.

Thank you so much Crayen for adding all those amazing photos!

By Kelly Jul 13, 2010 Gallery,Video,White Collar 8 comment

YouTube has removed my video for the 2nd time, so you can download the video clip here.

Thanks Stephie and Renee for the tip!

By Kelly Jul 13, 2010 Video,White Collar 2 comment

You asked. Matt Bomer answered. Thanks @WhiteCollarUSA!

Another Video: Matt Bomer on Losing Kate, the Peter-Neal Dynamic and Flashbacks

Be sure to watch “White Collar” Season 2 beginning tonight at 9/8c on USA Network!

Also, don’t forget the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray has been released today.

You can financially help out this site by clicking on the image below to order it.

By Kelly Jul 13, 2010 Gallery,White Collar 0 Comments

I added 9 photos of Matt and Willie filming “White Collar” on the streets of Manhattan yesterday.

Crayen will be posting more soon!

By Kelly Jul 12, 2010 Interviews,White Collar 2 comment

STUDIO CITY, Calif. – You can tell he’s a Texan by the way he opens the door for the woman whose arms are full of packages, shakes the hand of one of the drivers in the parking lot, and assaults the stairs to the deck of the coffee shop here.

But there’s no trace of the Texas drawl in actor Matthew Bomer, who’s about as far from the cunning conman he plays on “White Collar” as anyone could be.

Bomer says he learned the hard way when he was fresh out of Carnegie Mellon (he’d attended four years on a scholarship) and found himself penniless in New York City.

“I called my dad and said, ‘Can I borrow …’ He said, ‘Listen, I got you through college, you’ve got to figure it out now.’ It was tough love, but it was good for me,” he says, settling on a wooden bench at one of the busy tables.

“It made me realize, ‘OK, I’m my own man now. I’ve got to make my own way. It was hard. And I got upset, but I thought ‘OK, well, I may go out there and get my own gig because nobody’s going to make this happen but myself. I was staying at a friend’s apartment in New York. It was more the general thinking of him saying, ‘You’re cut off.’ But I think it was good for a man. I think tough love is good for boys.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Here’s another interview as well: Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer on Season 2 of ‘White Collar’

Thanks Lynne for the tip!

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