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I added 6 “White Collar” Episode 5×3 stills to the gallery.

I also added more “White Collar” Episode 5×1 stills to the gallery.

I added 452 captures and 6 video clips from last night’s episode.

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10. 14. 13
Posted by Kelly

Season 5 Interview: Matt Bomer

Matt discusses the new season of “White Collar”.

Last week, Matt and Tim DeKay participated in a conference call for the press to promote the new season of “White Collar”. Here are some interviews I recommend reading. Please keep in mind the press participated in the same conference call together, so a lot of the interviews will have similar content.

1. WHITE COLLAR Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Interview
2. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay talk about “White Collar”
3. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer visited the set OF “White Collar” for a preview, just before the fifth season is to begin.

I added 7 “White Collar” Episode 5×2 stills to the gallery.

Reminder: Matt will be appearing on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this Monday, October 14th!

The “White Collar” Season 4 DVD has been released today, so be sure to pick up a copy!

I added 303 captures from the Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, and Tim DeKay – in the Director’s Chair.

“USA asked us to create and shoot a video prolog to introduce our White Collar panel at Comicon. After casting around for ideas, Jeff and I realized that all of our cast members had, in some way, a genre connection. From there, Jeff wrote (and then directed) what turned out to be a very charming short, using those prior roles played.” – @JeffKingTV

I added 7 “White Collar” Episode 5×1 stills to the gallery.

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I added 6 “White Collar” set photos from September 10th. Thanks to my friend Mary for donating them!

The new season of “White Collar” premieres Thursday, October 17th at 9/8c, on USA Network.

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