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Check out the new trailer for “The Normal Heart”, which will air May 25th on HBO.

Update! Thanks to my friend Crayen, I have also added a high quality still from the film.

I added photos of Matt attending the “Space Station 76” Premiere at the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival, Sony’s Acquisitions Group SXSW Party, and the “Space Station 76” Party At De Nolet back on March 8th. Thanks to my friend Crayen for sending me all the photos! I’m spending a few days in Los Angeles, but will catch up on any other updates I missed when I get back home.

Update! Here are some videos from the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival.

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03. 10. 14
Posted by Kelly

The Normal Heart: Tease

The HBO original film, “The Normal Heart” premieres Sunday, May 25th at 9PM/8C only on HBO.

Matt talks about he got involved in the project, details about his immigrant character, and director Akiva Goldsman. Check out the film’s official website here. “Winter’s Tale” will be in theaters this Friday, Feb 14th.

I added 296 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s season finale.

I added 426 captures and 6 video clips from last night’s episode.

I added 330 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s episode.

12. 21. 13
Posted by Kelly

“White Collar” 5×10 Promo

“White Collar” returns with new episodes on Thursday, January 9th.

I added 332 captures and 5 video clips from this week’s episode.

12. 16. 13
Posted by Kelly

HBO’s End of Year Promo

At 2:15 in the video, you can see some footage of Matt with Mark Ruffalo in “The Normal” Heart”.

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