• Loved white collar ! You are an awesome actor ! Not to mention very sexy !

  • sarah Chappell

    You are the most amazing neil caffrey .

  • joseph

    Last night I watched The normal heart… utter honestly, I had never seen you before and
    You definitely have a new fan!
    So INTENSE and handsome you are!
    You can use your eye like a foil!
    Mede me cry.
    Too bad you’re married,otherwise I’d try to win you 🙂

  • She was right – You ARE one in a million

  • Jim Fischer

    Hi Matt, you are such a great actor, and very handsome as well. I sure wish that I was an an actor like you.and had a husband just like you! As you can tell I am gay. I hope that we can become good friends. Love you Matt!

  • Lucy

    Honestly in love with you! Sexiest man alive!
    Need more white collar in my life !! Addicted to the programme !