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By Kelly Nov 10, 2013 Gallery,Video,White Collar 2 comment

I added 352 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s episode.

By Kelly Nov 06, 2013 News 2 comment

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The People’s Choice Awards 2014 will air January 8, 2014 on CBS.

By Kelly Nov 02, 2013 Gallery,White Collar 9 comment

I added 432 captures and 6 video clips from this week’s episode.

PS: I have uploaded photos of Matt’s birthday book! I tried to blur out message and names as best I could. It was delivered to him on October 18th. Thanks again to all the participants! You can view the gallery here.

By Kelly Oct 31, 2013 Gallery,White Collar 3 comment

I added 7 “White Collar” Episode 5×5 stills to the gallery.

By Kelly Oct 26, 2013 Gallery,Video,White Collar 0 Comments

I added 411 captures and 7 video clips from last night’s episode.

By Kelly Oct 25, 2013 Gallery,White Collar 3 comment

I added 8 “White Collar” Episode 5×4 stills to the gallery.

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By Kelly Oct 18, 2013 Gallery,White Collar 5 comment

I added 6 “White Collar” Episode 5×3 stills to the gallery.

I also added more “White Collar” Episode 5×1 stills to the gallery.

By Kelly Oct 18, 2013 Gallery,Video,White Collar 4 comment

I added 452 captures and 6 video clips from last night’s episode.

PS: I would also like to thank Simona Z. for donating $15.00 to the site!

By Kelly Oct 17, 2013 Video 3 comment

Here is a video of Matt appearing on the Rachael Ray Show today.

The new season of “White Collar” premieres tonight at 9/8c on USA Network!

PS: I would also like to thank Helen F. for donating $25.00 to the site!

By Kelly Oct 17, 2013 Interviews 2 comment

ETonline: When we return, how bad does Neal feel for the role he played in Peter getting framed for Pratt’s murder?
Matt Bomer: Oh man, he feels incredibly guilty. He knows that Peter is in this position because of his choices, and his father’s choices. So Neal will do whatever he has to in order to get Peter out of prison — even if it’s illegal. And as someone who’s been where Peter is, I think seeing him in prison makes Neal dig deeper into his bag of tricks to figure out how to fix it. He wants to fix everything — but might make things worse in doing so.

ETonline: The season began with Neal in prison and Peter on the outside, what was it like filming scenes with Tim DeKay in orange and you in the suit?
Bomer: Kind of surreal because, first of all, everyone will see this, but Tim looks great in orange. It’s a wonderful color on him [laughs]. But it was a trip. And seeing how he handled it was so impressive for me, as an actor. From a character perspective, I found it really interesting; Neal can relate to his predicament in so many ways, so there’s a real sense of responsibility about how everything has transpired, even though his father was largely responsible. He’s certainly feeling the weight of that as well.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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