Added “Traveler” Episode 1×1 captures.

I added 437 “Traveler” Episode 1×1 captures. I’m sorry the quality isn’t the greatest. If you know where the episodes can be downloaded in better quality, please let me know. Thanks! PS: You can watch all the “Traveler” episodes on YouTube here.

Matt on Extra!

Matt was on Extra last night! I uploaded the video in case you missed it. I also added 58 captures from the video above.

Welcome to Matt Bomer!

I saw Matt for the first time in “Tru Calling”. When I saw Matt in the “White Collar” pilot, I was immediately drawn to him and his multi-dimensional character. I think he is a talented actor and no other actor could portray Neal Caffrey as well as he can.  I went online to find out more about him, but…