Moving Servers – again!

Hello friends!

Pretty sure you noticed we have several broken images in our website. This is happening because I have to move the site to a new server, again. The previous one added a new system of adcodes (according them, to help paying the server costs) and it was showing up inappropriate/porn advertisements – and for me it was unacceptable.

I am having to move the site manually to the new server (we’ve around 20gb), and its taking a while, but bare with me while I work on it. All images are safe, just need to be reuploaded.

I am sorry about that, I feel like the last month all I’m doing is moving the site from a place to another, but hopefully this will be the last time.

Entertainment Weekly Scans – American Horror Story: Hotel

Mother Monster took the Hotel and the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. You will find on this issue 14 pages talking about the newest season of Ryan Murphy horror show, and some insights about the characters. As previously posted, there’s the first look of Matt as Donovan, so check scans added in our gallery: