Added “Traveler” Episode 1×2 captures

I added 348 “Traveler” Episode 1×2 captures. Video clips coming soon!

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New “White Collar” on set photos

I added 18 high quality photos of Matt filming “White Collar” in Manhattan last week.

Matt on “Amy Coyne”

I’ve been searching for more information on “Amy Coyne” in which Matt portrayed a character named “Case”. I didn’t find very much, but I did manage to find a small photo! I’m pretty sure that’s him in the back (wearing a fancy suit like always! *lol*). What do you think? I’m still not sure if this even aired. If you have any information on it, please let me know.

New (old) Matt interview added.

I normally just add old interviews I find to the Press Section, but this one is definitely worth reading.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Matthew Bomer was at an audition on the 53rd floor of a high-rise at 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue in New York when he happened to look out the window and see a large passenger jet slam into one of the World Trade Center’s twin towers.

A stunned silence preceded total pandemonium in the room, when everyone in the room sobbed hysterically or were frozen in panic.

“I didn’t know what was going on and obviously was very upset – the building I was in could be next,” Bomer recalled. “All I could think of was to get to the ground floor as soon as possible and get back to my shoddy little apartment in midtown Manhattan.

“I ran the 30 blocks to my place, trying to avoid all the major landmarks along the way,” he continued, drawing a deep breath, “passing scores of people with ashes in their hair and all over their clothes. The first thing I did was grab the cell phone and call my family in Spring, Texas, to tell them I was OK.

“My mother answered the phone and immediately burst into tears. Everything changed that day. … It was weird. … Nobody in this country had faced a tragedy of this magnitude before. New York became a ghost town for a while after that – I couldn’t afford to go anywhere – but everybody came back after a while to rally the city. It was an incredible experience that made me value life a lot more.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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Added more Desktop Wallpaper and Fan Art!

I added 11 Desktop Wallpaper created by me and 4 Fan Art created by Lenny.

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