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Matt attended yesterday the first EW Fest, to promote American Horror Story: Hotel. He was accompanied by Mommy Kathy Bates in the Ryan Murphy panel, shared also with Ryan himself and Scream Queens girls Lea Michele, Keke Palmer and Emma Roberts, and moderated by EW’s own Tim Stack.

Check pictures added in our gallery:

The gallery was updated with screen captures from last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Mommy”. A new promotional image is also added, plus all Donovan’s scenes in our video archive. Enjoy!

A new promotional for AHS: Hotel third episode, titled Mommy, has been added in our gallery. The episode airs tomorrow.

Matt visited last night the Late Late Show with James Corden, as part of the AHS:Hotel promotional tour, and gave one of the most fun interviews ever. He’s usually a nice and easy person to interview – we can find him actually chatting with everyone while being questioned – and with Corden being a very entertaining person, well… you can imagine.

I’ve uploaded five clips from the show – that also had the beautiful Cindy Crawford as guest as well – plus screencaptures. Have fun!

Matt gave a very nice interview to Yahoo! about the last American Horror Story: Hotel episode and its implications on the current season. Check it:

Obviously you had that memorable death scene in your undies last season and worked with Ryan Murphy on The Normal Heart. How did it come about that you would return to AHS and in a much bigger capacity?
I reached out to him after I had done that cameo in Freak Show. I told him I had a great time and he asked me if I wanted to come on board next season. I am a huge fan of the franchise and had greatly enjoyed working with Ryan over the years so when he proffered that, I immediately accepted. Since then, the season has gone through many incarnations and has added lots of new people to the cast. But I already know I can trust him, so I knew they would give me something fun to chew on no matter what. Part of the fun of working with Ryan is seeing what they come up with. It is never boring.

I had heard that the first episode’s foursome was the first scene you shot for Hotel.
Actually that is completely false. I didn’t do that scene until about two months into filming. A lot of filming for me has been non-sequential because we were waiting on Ms. Gaga’s schedule to free up. I actually did a lot more of the third episode before we even got to the first.

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Our gallery was updated with screen captures from last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, plus Donovan’s scenes are now added in our archive.

Sarah Paulson did an interview to Variety about American Horror Story, and she mentioned Matt on it. Check:

Matt Bomer joined the cast this year. What is he like to work with?
He’s very distracting to work with because I don’t know if there is a more handsome man walking the planet. Matt is one of the more gentle, kind people, and [his character] Donovan has such darkness in him — it’s so not Matt. It’s just an example of the talent he is. The conversations we have off-camera are about what the kids are doing this weekend or what the best protein is to put in your smoothie. We talk about normal things, and then I watch him in a scene and I find him utterly terrifying.

Is Donovan alive?
Hmmm. You’ll have to ask him! I’m not spilling the beans. I like my job, and I want to keep it.

Well, the two of you did share a needle.
Interesting. I like how you’re thinking. That was not probably the best idea.

Matt attended today in Hollywood the ceremony in which the adorable Kelly Ripa received her star on the Walk of Fame. Check 130+ HQ pictures added in our gallery.

10. 11. 15
Posted by Luciana

(Video) The Ellen Show

This past week Matt visited The Ellen Show, as part of the American Horror Story: Hotel promotion. You can find now the full interview uploaded, as well screen captures added in our gallery.

10. 11. 15
Posted by Luciana

Matt attends Hammer Museum Gala

Matt attended last night in Westwood a gala at the Hammer Museum. He was accompanied by husband Simon Halls and was joined later by AHS:hotel co-star Sarah Paulson. I have the first batch of HQ pictures added, and hopefully more can be found later. Check it:

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