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Matt will be attending Trevor Live in Los Angeles tonight! Watch the live coverage from the red carpet from 5-7PM (PST) by clicking on the banner above. If you have any questions for Matt, tweet them with his name and include #TrevorLive. Be sure to follow @TrevorLive for more information as well.

12. 04. 11
Posted by Kelly

Photoshoot update

I added 7 more adorable photos of Matt from a TV Guide photoshoot taken this year.

12. 03. 11
Posted by Kelly

Added Amica Magazine scans

I added 2 scans of Matt from the November 2011 issue of Amica Magazine.

Thanks to Giorgia and Laura, you can view the transcribed interview here.

Update: Here’s another “In Time” Premiere video featuring Matt. Thanks Laura for the tip!

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11. 21. 11
Posted by Kelly

Gallery Update

I added 49 HQ photos of Matt from various events to the gallery.

News: Matt will be starring in the comedy webseries “Periods”. More information here!

11. 14. 11
Posted by Kelly

Gallery Update

I added 6 “White Collar” set photos from June 15th to the gallery.

PS: Matt Bomer has been online for 2 years today! I would like to thank all the fans for supporting and visiting the site, to Crayen for contributing so many photos to the gallery, and to Matt for inspiring me to create in the first place. Here’s to many more wonderful years to come!

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation has launched its Fifth Annual Primetime Emmy Season online auction. It contains items and rare experiences provided by some of your favorite shows with proceeds supporting the Foundation’s educational and archival programs.

During the last online auction, Matt’s signed fedora went for an impressive $4,000! You can bid on Matt and Piper’s signed TV Guide here. To see the full list of items and to place bids, click here. Auction items begin closing on Friday, November 18th. You can also follow the action via the Foundation’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

11. 05. 11
Posted by Kelly

Gallery Update

I added a scan of Matt from the November 15th issue of Soap Opera Digest (thanks Michele for the tip!), 10 more photos of Matt at the “White Collar” Press Conference back in 2010 (thanks Claudia!), and 46 captures of Matt from the T4 Movie Special for “In Time”.

Update: I added a new photoshoot to the gallery here.

PS: Check out my friend Valerie’s review for Willie Garson’s new web series “Whole Day Down” here.

11. 01. 11
Posted by Kelly

More videos!

Matt at the “In Time” Premiere.

Matt at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala. Thanks Sharon for the tip!

Funny Article: For Magic Mike’s Strip Sequences, Olivia Munn Has the Best Seat in the House

10. 31. 11
Posted by Kelly

Matt Bomer Talks In Time

Did you and Andrew ever discuss a detailed back-story for your character Henry?

Matt Bomer: Yes. I had some ideas and he had some ideas and we had a meeting very shortly before I began. I think a couple days before I started shooting where we just bounced some ideas off of each other.  And he took what he liked of my ideas and I took all of his ideas and we just sort of went from there. And it was very specific and to me, it was very tied into the patriarchal nature of this group of elite and wealthy folks in New Grennich.

Are there aspects of what is happening to Henry in the film that you can personally identify with?

Matt Bomer: Yeah! I think that’s usually why you get hired for a certain part. There is generally something about your understanding of life that you relate to with the character. I’m not saying you have to be the person you play. But I understand a lot of things socially, culturally and societaly that I know I, and a lot of other people, would like to see changed, with regards to Henry. I think that’s why Andrew wrote the movie to begin with.

You can read the entire interview here.

Update: Here is a wonderful new “In Time” interview. Thanks Claudia for the tip!

10. 30. 11
Posted by Kelly

Gallery Update

I added over 100 more photos of Matt to the gallery. This includes publicity photos and magazine scans. Thanks Claudia, Elmira, Chie, Ana, Jen, Debbie, Frank, and anyone else I missed for your help in sending and/or directing me to some of the photos.

PS: Vote for Matt Bomer as your favorite star in “In Time” here!

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