Summer Heats Up With the Boys of USA

A cop, a con man and a fake lawyer walk into a bar…and, no joke, every head turns. Still, it’s nothing new to see the trio in question — Michael Ealy, Matt Bomer and Patrick J. Adams — with other, equally good-looking buddies. On the cops-in-therapy freshman series Common Law, Ealy’s been sparking with costar…

Added “Magic Mike” stills

I added 8 more “Magic Mike” stills to the gallery. Update! You can also view 2 red-band trailers for the film here. Thanks Casey for the tip!

Matt Bomer at Park & Bond

We think of Park & Bond as the Intersection of Men & Style. To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re exploring a more perilous crossroads, that of fatherhood & style. The New York dads manage to navigate it with elegance, individuality, and ease. From stylish leading man (and father of three!) Matt Bomer, to the brilliant photographer…

Matt attends 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards

I added photos of Matt at the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards tonight. [spoiler] [/spoiler] PS: Thanks to my friends Luciana, Claudia, Crayen, and Jennifer for donating HQ photos!

Magazine scans added!

I added scans of Matt from Soap Opera Weekly, GQ Australia Now, Now, and US Weekly. Thanks to my friends Brianne, Lorna, and Sam for donating them! PS: “White Collar” Season 3 will be released this Tuesday, June 5th on DVD (pre-order)!

“Magic Mike” poster released!

Check out the fantastic poster for “Magic Mike”! Is it June 29th yet? Update! Another poster has been added to the gallery. Here is an exclusive clip from “Magic Mike” as well. [spoiler] You can also view 4 TV Spots for the film here. Thanks Laura for the tip! [/spoiler]

White Collar Exclusive: Get Your First Look at Season 4!

In this exclusive first look, Season 4 picks up just after Neal’s escape at the end of last season. Peter is now — spoiler! — on leave from the FBI, just as the Bureau’s search for Neal heats up, thanks to a very determined agent (guest star Mekhi Phifer). “If anything ever happened to him,…