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I added 26 “White Collar” set photos from today.

Sharif Atkins also shared this set photo of Matt and him today from filming Episode 3×1.

PS: I would also like to thank Olena A. for donating $20.00 to the site!

Both Jeff Eastin and talented actor William Sadler shared a set photo from today.

Update: Sanford Bookstaver and Jeff Eastin also shared 3 more set photos on 3/31/11.

You can view a few more photos not featuring Matt here and here.

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This short video was just uploaded yesterday on YouTube even though it’s not a new interview.

Post a comment for the video on YouTube and hopefully they’ll upload the entire interview.

PS: Keep voting for Matt in Alpha Male Madness 2011 here! Round 4 ends Friday at 11 AM (Pacific).

Amanda was in NYC a few days this week and was lucky enough to catch Matt, Tim and Sharif leaving the set on Tuesday night. They were shooting interiors in a building on 43rd near Broadway (location courtesy of so there was no way to actually see them on set. She waited patiently for them to wrap (along with some autograph seekers). She said they were incredibly sweet and very accomodating even after working such long hours. Please do not post the photos elsewhere. A big thanks to Amanda for allowing us to upload them!

I added 2 more “White Collar” set photos from March 18, 2011 (Thanks Kikky!), 1 scan from January 2011 InStyle Magazine – Russia (thanks Elmira!), and I replaced 12 photos of Matt on NBC’s Today Show last week with HQ versions (Thanks Crayen!).

I posted this information within the comments of the last update, but wanted to post it here too:

1. Vote for Matt Bomer in Alpha Male Madness 2011 (Round 3) here!
2. Matt will be attending a Dressed to Kilt event on Tuesday, April 5th.
3. View information on the upcoming “White Collar” Season 2 DVD.
4. New Article: “White Collar” Episode 3.2 is Packed with Guest-Stars.

And lastly, here are Jeff Eastin’s latest Twitpics featuring Matt.

I added 43 “White Collar” set photos from today. Thanks Peter for donating the first 5 photos!

PS: As I mentioned on Twitter, is this a “Where’s Neal?” game instead of a “Where’s Waldo?” game?

I added 14 more photos of Matt co-hosting NBC’s Today Show with Hoda Kotb on March 18th.

PS: Thanks White Collar Online for the 2 HQ photos!

I added 8 “White Collar” set photos from yesterday. Thanks Flor for donating them!

Update: I added 7 more set photos. Thanks to my friend Dbiloo for donating them!

PS: I have also added set photos on

Matt on NBC’s Today Show

March 18th, 2011

You can view the rest of the videos below, and I also uploaded the video clips here.

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Just a reminder that Matt is co-hosting NBC’s Today Show with Hoda Kotb tomorrow at 10 AM ET/PT!

I’ll post captures and a video clip of all his segments tomorrow as soon as I get home from work.

PS: “White Collar” will return for its third season on Tuesday, June 7 at 9/8c!

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