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I usually prefer not to post candids, but I thought it was great to see Matt and Willie hanging out together during their off time.

These were taken on September 11, 2010 at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. Thanks Katerina for donating the HQ photos!

Matt is also featured in the January 3-9, 2011 issue of TV Guide Magazine. Thanks HollyIMerriday for scanning it!

PS: Don’t forget to watch and/or DVR the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors airing tonight!

Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2010

Wishing Matt, his loved ones, and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New “White Collar” Promo

December 23rd, 2010

It contains some spoilers, but I would watch it anyway!

Tiffani appeared on The Rachel Ray Show yesterday and talked about Matt.

Thanks to TheEfinie for uploading and HollyIMerriday for the reminder!

Check it out by clicking on the image above. Thanks Mary Beth for the tip! Matt’s segment starts at 24:40.

Here are several days of fan art created by clichejuice as we continue our Christmas countdown.

PS: Jeff Eastin also posted the “White Collar” Season 2.5 poster here.

While you’re at it, vote for “White Collar” (Best of TV 2010) here!

According to, Matt is the narrator for James Patterson’s “Toys” audiobook coming out on March 14, 2011. 

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James Bond and Jason Bourne have just been topped! A battle for the world is set into unstoppable motion and Hays Baker is the only one who can save it.

Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super-human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children. Of course they do—they’re Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer. The only problem in their perfect world: humans and their toys!

The one with the most toys—dies
The top operative for the Agency of Change, Hays has just won the fiercest battle of his career. He has been praised by the President, and is a national hero. But before he can savor his triumph, he receives an unbelievable shock that overturns everything he thought was true. Suddenly Hays is on the other side of the gun, forced to leave his perfect family and fight for his life.

Now a hunted fugitive, Hays is thrown into a life he never dreamed possible—fighting to save humans everywhere from extinction. He enlists all of his training to uncover the truth that will save millions of lives—maybe even his own. James Patterson’s Toys is a thriller on a hyper plane—with a hero who rivals both James Bond and Jason Bourne.

The book is over 400 pages, so that’s quite a bit of Matt to listen to. Thanks ~L~ for the tip!

Also, here is today’s fan art created by clichejuice as we continue our Christmas countdown.

I added 21 more “White Collar” Episode 2×11 stills. Thanks clichejuice for donating them!

To celebrate Christmas, clichejuice has also made us some beautiful fan art to help us count down.

We’ll be adding even more fan art up until Christmas day.

Speaking of Dialect

December 15th, 2010

“Don Wadsworth always brings 100 percent commitment to everything he does,” said Matt Bomer (A’00), star of the USA Network’s hit series White Collar.

Bomer, an alum of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama, recently picked up the phone and called on Wadsworth for a refresher.

A White Collar episode required the actor to disguise his character by speaking with French and Italian accents.

The professor of voice and speech at CMU has coached the voice work for actors on and off Broadway, in feature films, TV, regional theater and video games.

“He makes collaboration fun. Not tedious, but effective,” Bomer said. “I know when I call on him for something I’m going to have that history of trust. And I know I’m going to have fun.”

Thanks clichejuice for the tip! You can read the rest of the article here.

As promised, I replaced the photo of Matt singing “It Only Takes a Moment” with Kelli O’Hara at the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors on December 4th with a HQ version. As a reminder, The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors will be airing December 28th on CBS. In case you won’t be able to watch it, I will add captures and a video clip that same evening. Can’t wait to see it! 

PS: Here’s a “White Collar” Behind The Scenes video I forgot to post the beginning of this year.

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Better late than never, right?

Yet another photos update!

December 13th, 2010

I added 9 more photos of Matt at “A More Perfect Union: Stories of Prejudice & Power” storytelling event on December 6th.

Thanks Carol for finding them! Credit is located underneath each photo in the gallery.

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