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I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/18/03 and 7/23/03.

PS: I finished capturing the last 6 episodes this weekend and will upload them during this week!

A year ago from today (October 23rd), “White Collar” premiered on USA Network.

Congratulations to the most amazing cast/crew of the best show on television!

I added 23 more HQ “Traveler” Episode 1×5 stills. Thanks clichejuice for donating them!

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episode 7/17/03.

PS: Keep voting daily for “White Collar” and Matt!

Jeff Eastin just posted this video after reaching 9,000 followers tonight. Thanks Jeff!

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/9/03, 7/15/03, and 7/16/03.

Matt’s role is the voice of John McGavock Grider. I bought the DVD and made a video clip of all his scenes. Matt uses his southern accent during the entire film, which was released in 2003. I thought it was very interesting. Hope you enjoy it!

Three young men from the South known as the ‘Three Musketeers’ fly with the Royal Air Force in World War I. One, John McGavock Grider, is killed in action. His diary is published after the war and becomes a huge publishing success. Much later it is revealed that the diary was actually written by his friend Springs, who felt responsible for Grider’s death.


In case you just want the audio, I uploaded an mp3 file here.

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Favorite TV Obsession: White Collar

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Favorite TV Drama Actor: Matt Bomer
Favorite TV Crime Fighter: Matt Bomer (White Collar)

Jeff Eastin also posted a photo with the “White Collar” cast/crew from the last day on set.

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/3/03 and 7/8/03.

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/1/03 and 7/2/03.

Jeff Eastin also posted a video of Hilarie Burton’s “White Collar” Season 2 wrap on their last day of shooting in NY.

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