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Matt announced his character’s name in his new film “Now”, which is Henry Hamilton.

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I added photos of Matt at the Primetime TV Crimefighters Panel tonight.

Here is a video of Matt on the red carpet. Sorry the quality is not the greatest!

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While The New York Times today reports that DreamWorks intends to groom its I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer for stardom, Fox and New Regency have got him next. Pettyfer and Matt Bomer have been added to play starring roles in Now, the Andrew Niccol-directed film that stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

DreamWorks clearly hopes that Pettyfer will front a franchise in I Am Number Four, an alien story which will span multiple books. Pettyfer is also on a short list–along with Aaron Johnson and Max Irons and a couple others, I hear–for Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer. He also will stars in Beastly next year for CBS Films.

As for Bomer, he’s got a high profile feature role, after almost coming out of nowhere to get a big feature shot several years ago, when Brett Ratner pushed hard for him to play Superman in a three-picture arc. That possibility went away when Ratner dropped from the project. Bomer has gone on to star in the USA Network series White Collar.

Now takes place in a future where the aging gene has been turned off, and life as measured by units of time becomes the currency.


Congratulations Matt on your new project!

REMINDER: Matt is attending the Primetime TV Crimefighters event tonight!

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Join us for an evening with our famous TV cops about their careers, the stories behind their current series and how crime shows on television have changed over the years.

MATT BOMER (White Collar) • NATHAN FILLION (Castle) • THOMAS GIBSON (Criminal Minds) • ANGIE HARMON (Rizzoli & Isles) • MARG HELGENBERGER (CSI) • BORIS KODJOE (Undercovers) • MARY McCORMACK (In Plain Sight) • MATT PASSMORE (The Glades) • SKEET ULRICH (Law & Order: Los Angeles) • KELLI WILLIAMS (Lie To Me)


You can watch the live webcast at 7:30 PM (Pacific) here.

Photoshoot Update

October 31st, 2010

I replaced the first photo with a higher resolution and also added three more photos.

I added 124 captures from Matt’s USA Network Interviews.

If you would like to watch the interviews, you can view them here.

PS: I also replaced one of the photos in Session #16 with a higher resolution. Thanks to my friend Dbiloo!

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/30/03 and 7/31/03 (R.I.P. Ben Reade).

PS: I’ll now start working on tracking down Matt’s “All My Children” episodes in better quality.

Here is a sneak peek of Matt in the 2006 Pilot – “Amy Coyne”.

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I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/28/03 and 7/29/03. I’ll post his final 2 episodes tomorrow.

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I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/24/03 and 7/25/03.

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