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‘White Collar,’ green living

January 19th, 2011

On the set of “White Collar,” which returns to USA with new episodes Jan. 18, “There are no plastic water bottles. We have water coolers and everybody uses their canteens,” says Matt Bomer, who installed an Aquasana water filter at home “rather than have 400 plastic water bottles around.” He also makes “a really concerted effort to eat organic meats and eggs, for my health, and to know that the animal was treated humanely and was not filled with hormones and antibiotics.” Co-star Tim DeKay, a longtime Prius driver and supporter of the California Environmental Fund, recently bought carbon offsets when his family flew to London for a vacation.

You can read the rest of the article here.

What a fantastic episode! So happy to see my favorite show back on the air again.

I added 365 “White Collar” Episode 2×10 captures.

I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here.

“White Collar” writer Chris Masi posted a photo of Matt, Tim, and the crew watching the episode here.

PS: We have also reached 30,000+ images in the gallery. That is amazing!

Matt and Tim Interview

January 18th, 2011

Thanks Lynne for the tip! You can also read the interview here.

Such a great interview! His appearances on Ellen’s show are definitely my favorite.

Of all the relationship dances on television these days, from “Castle” to “Fringe,” few feel as fresh as the one between Tim DeKay’s Peter Burke and Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey on USA’s “White Collar.”

Burke is an FBI agent. Caffrey is the world-class white-collar con man Burke finally caught. Now, as the alternative to prison, Caffrey is working for Burke. Sort of. Most of the time.

This arrangement requires them to trust each other. Which they almost do. Since we like them both, we want them to become good friends. Which they almost do.

The “almost” part, of course, provides the foundation for much of the dramatic tension on the show, which kicks off the second half of its second season tonight at 10.

Nor does anyone enjoy that tension, say DeKay and Bomer, more than they do.

“You know the moments I enjoy most?” says DeKay. “When they seem to be closest – because just when you think the barriers are down, you realize there’s always something in between. There’s always something one isn’t telling the other.”

“It’s a poker game,” says Bomer. “They never know exactly what cards the other guy is holding.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Check out this video of Matt and Tim talking about the upcoming season too.

You can view 2 more sneak peeks from tonight’s all new episode here!

I added more photos of Matt at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards last night.

A big thanks to Natalie, Crayen, Nadioz, and Ana for donating the photos!

Matt was also featured on E!’s Fashion Police (1/17/11). You can view the video here.

Reminder: Matt will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow!

Matt and Kaley Cuoco presented Best Actor in a TV Series (Comedy or Musical) to actor Jim Parsons.

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards

January 16th, 2011

Keep checking the gallery for more photos! I will post videos from the red carpet later.

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