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To celebrate reaching 6,000+ followers, Jeff Eastin posted a cute video of Matt and Tim singing on set.

Jeff also posted a photo of Matt, Tim, and Gloria. What a fabulous looking bunch!


Here is more info about “White Collar” appearing at Comic Con 2010 on Thursday, July 22nd.

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2:15-3:15 USA Network’s White Collar— Moderated by White Collar’s very own conspiracy theorist, Willie Garson (Mozzie), the audience will have a chance to interact with creator Jeff Eastin, stars Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Tim DeKay (FBI Agent Peter Burke), Marsha Thomason (Agent Diana Barrigan), Sharif Atkins (Agent Clinton Jones), and co-EP Jeff King. Fans will get an insider’s look into the challenges of writing in Los Angeles while shooting on the streets of New York. In addition to having questions answered about the exciting upcoming season, fans will also view exclusive video content featuring a sneak peek at new episodes in season 2, as well as a video of Neal explaining the ins and outs of how to pull off the perfect con. Ballroom 20

Added more magazine scans

July 7th, 2010

I added 3 scans from the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine. I also included Tim’s article in case you’d like to read it.

While shooting on location in NYC recently, DeKay says a fan “walked by without even looking up and goes, ‘Way to keep an eye on Neal, Burke.'”

I also bought 2 older scans off Ebay. I’ve been trying to get a hold of the 2nd scan for months, and now we finally have it!

Here are some more articles as well:

1. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay talk characters, ‘Chuck’ debate
2. ‘White Collar': Tim DeKay not likely to copy Matt Bomer’s wet T-shirt poses
3. White Collar – Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay Transcript (recommended)


Matt will be appearing on TODAY on Tuesday, July 13th (7-9 AM). Check your local listings to confirm the time.

Jeff Eastin also posted a photo of Matt and Willie on the set today. Thanks Jeff!

Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay — the duo who play ex-con Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke on USA’s White Collar — always seem to be having so much fun together on the show’s New York City set. And besides singing on set, it sounds like Matt and Tim are always up to something.

“I don’t let Tim look at me unless we’re shooting,” Matt joked during a call with reporters today.

“It’s just better for me, that way I know the rule,” Tim laughed. “Matt will have production assistants come up to me and remind me ‘Mr. Bomer doesn’t want you looking at him until they call action.’”

“Tim is my life coach, he doesn’t know it though,” Matt went on. Then, turning serious he added, “There aren’t many days where we’re not laughing pretty hard.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Jeff Eastin is back in NY and posted a great photo of Matt and Tim on the set last season. Thanks Jeff!

Jeff is also auctioning off autographed photos of Matt and Tim to raise funds for the family of crew member John Bolz, who tragically died this year. The money raised will go to John’s two children. You can view all of his auctions here.


Mark your calendars! Matt Bomer will be appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, July 15th.

“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/6/03 (29 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/8/03 (41 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/10/03 (62 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/13/03 (68 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/16/03 (35 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 1/17/02 (71 captures)

Wow: We now have 20,000+ images in the image gallery!

PS: I somehow missed Matt’s last scene in “Guiding Light” Episode 1/10/03 and re-uploaded it here.

I won an auction on Ebay for several Soap Opera Weekly magazine clippings featuring Matt. Enjoy!

I also took the time to transcribe the articles:

1. Me Tarzan, You Insane
2. Chatter Box
3. Soap Opera Style

My dad’s office watches the show every day. They’re very supportive that way. As far as my mom is concerned, she always rolls with the punches. Let’s face it, Ben’s never been a choirboy. I know that sometimes she leaves the room when certain scenes come on and, frankly, I don’t blame her. They’re just glad I have a cool storyline.

I also added this lengthy article several days ago.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

“We asked Jordana to come in and read with ten actors a day,” Fuller continues. “We did that for about a week. And when Matt Bomer came in, you could just feel the chemistry. You could see that Chrissie was in love with Eric and Eric was in love with her. Matt was also able to convey the feeling that he’d been in Vietnam.”

A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University’s prestigious drama program, Bomer prepared for the film by watching several movies about Vietnam and reading Born on the Fourth of July to give him “a detailed account of what is was like for someone injured in the war, having to come back home. It was a good starting point in terms of preparing to play Eric, to understand the sense of alienation these guys go through, while trying to keep everything together.”

During production Bomer also used R. Lee Ermey as a research source. “I spoke with R. Lee pretty extensively,” Bomer says of the former Marine. “He was very helpful anytime I had a question.”

After Matt Bomer’s audition with Jordana Brewster, Michael Bay turned to the actress and asked her, “Did you like him?” Her response was simple, “I loved him.” And that was it; the foursome was complete.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I uploaded 6 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist!

They contain all his scenes for his 83rd through 88th episode on the show.

Captures coming soon! You can view my YouTube playlist here.

For more information about donating, please click here.

Sorry for the delay! My post office delivered it 2 days later than normal. Maybe they were in complete awe over Matty like us?

I added 19 photos of Matt filming “White Collar” on the streets of Manhattan late last night.


White Collar star MATT BOMER on his favorite summer activity:

”Barbecue. You can take the boy out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the boy. I have my own special sauce that I make, I like to get friends over, people swimming in the pool, enjoying themselves, a little alcoholic beverage. Whatever it takes to relax.”

Source: (Thanks Lynne for the tip!)

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