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I uploaded 6 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist!

They contain all his scenes for his 95th through 100th episode on the show.

Captures coming soon! You can view my YouTube playlist here.

For more information about donating, please click here.

mirtilla83 posted a video of Matt and Tim filming “White Collar” on 7/27/10.

She also took some photos and you can view them here.

PS: Thanks White Collar Italia for the tip!

I added 43 more HQ “Traveler” Episode 1×1 stills. Thanks Natalie and clichejuice for donating them!

I added 428 “White Collar” Episode 2×5 captures.

I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here.

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Also, here’s another video (Matt appears @ 0:44): How To Be A Con Man

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I added 7 HQ stills for “White Collar” Episode 2×6.

Here’s a new SDCC 2010 video: ‘White Collar’ Stars Talk About Connecting with Fans

You can view 2 more sneak peeks here and here.


Writer Matt Negrete posted a set photo from this week’s episode.

Removed for copyright issues.

I added 7 set photos of Matt and Willie filming “White Collar” yesterday.

I added 48 more photos of Matt and the “White Collar” cast at San Diego Comic-Con on July 22nd.

A big thanks to Rach for allowing us to upload them!

Also, be sure to check out these unique photos of Matt and the “White Collar” cast here. Thanks clichejuice for the tip!

Portroids are Polaroid portraits taken of people and are autographed in the blank white space prior to the Polaroid developing.

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