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“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/4/02 (19 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/10/02 (100 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/11/02 (54 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/14/02 (36 captures)

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I added 11 photos of Matt on the “White Collar” set today in New York, NY. Thanks Dbiloo for donating them!

FYI: The “White Collar” at The Paley Center (NY) event on June 7th [7:30 pm ET] will be featuring:

Matt Bomer, “Neal Caffrey”
Tim DeKay, “Peter Burke”
Marsha Thomason, “Diana”
Willie Garson, “Mozzie”
Sharif Atkins, “Jones”


Writer Matt Negrete took a photo of Matt with some young “Collars” on June 2nd.

I added 1 publicity photo of Matt at NBC Universal Summer Press Day back on April 26, 2010.

Also, writer Matt Negrete took a photo of Matt yesterday with Hilarie Burton.

I haven’t seen this “White Collar” Episode 1×1 still before, have you? I’ll try my best to locate a HQ version.

I also replaced publicity photos of Matt with Jeff Eastin at a “White Collar” Screening on May 17th with HQ versions.

Added 2 more articles to the Press Section:
June 1, 2010 – All In A Day’s Work
October 19, 2009 – USA continues its winning streak with breezy ‘White Collar’

Matt is featured on the June 1st cover of The Hollywood Reporter. I know we’re all rooting for him!

Outstanding Actor In A Drama Series

“Bomer gives White Collar the charm, wit and sex appeal tinged with sadness it needs to work…” – USA Today

“Not since Butch and Sundance has there been a sexier, more promising partnership.” – Los Angeles Times

FYI: The 62nd Primetime Emmy Nominations ceremony will stream live Thursday, July 8th at 5:30 AM (Official Site).


Jeff Eastin and writer Matt Negrete took some more great photos of Matt today.

More News: Exclusive: ‘White Collar’ nabs Diane Farr (Contains Spoilers!)

I added 5 more “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” stills.

Also, Matt is #1 on BuddyTV’s Summer’s Sexiest Stars: TV’s Hottest Men!

Bomer wouldn’t need to con his way into our hearts like his character, Neal Caffrey, he’d just need to look at us and we’d turn to butter. The incredibly sexy star is back for more White Collar and his return is certainly one of the highlights of the summer.

I added 16 new (old) MQ publicity photos of Matt from various events.

Thanks Dbiloo for donating 2 of them as well as this photo!


I also uploaded 4 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist.

They contain all his scenes for his 67th through 70th episode on the show.

Captures coming soon! You can view my YouTube playlist here.

Who wears a suit better: Barney, Patrick or Neal? VOTE FOR NEAL!

Thanks kibakei for uploading it and Carol for the tip!

In a special TV Guide promotion for season two of the USA hit Royal Pains, we get a glimpse of our favorite stars not only from the medical dramedy (Reshma Shetty and Paolo Costanzo) but includes the super sexy cameo from Matt Bomer from White Collar, the ever-so-hot Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice, and even Paul “Big Show” Wight from WWE!

Source: Accidental Sexiness (Thanks Jeff Eastin for the tip!)

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