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It’s a blistering summer afternoon in New York City: 98 degrees radiating off every surface, a day that makes even the most committed New Yorker wish he were anywhere, anyone, else. But Matt Bomer isn’t sweating. The 32-year-old actor has been shooting White Collar outside since 8AM, but breezing into an Italian bistro two blocks from the set, he’s the picture of cool. In a white V-neck T-shirt, gray shorts, boat shoes and a straw pork-pie hat, he’s in the seasonal uniform of the fashionable young urban dude, accessorized with thick-rimmed black glasses that evoke Clark Kent (ironic, considering that he was originally cast, then cast aside, as Superman in the most recent movie version of the franchise).

“Growing up in Houston gave me the wherewithal to withstand humidity,” he says with a grin, settling in for his first in-person magazine interview. In fact, Bomer seems well prepared to take the heat literally and figuratively, navigating with aplomb a path to stardom fraught with potentially devastating career setbacks—and relentless questions about his private life.

On USA’s White Collar, which airs through October, Bomer plays Neal Caffrey, an upscale criminal turned FBI agent. The show is a breakout, as is Bomer, who’s one of the most buzzed-about stars of the last few TV seasons. Named People magazine’s “Sexiest Newcomer,” he was also featured as the “Must List Summer Crush” in Entertainment Weekly—tipping a water bottle over his torso with pinup panache, his abs rippling through a soaked T-shirt. And he landed the cover of TV Guide in June. He modestly attributes all the attention he’s getting to the winning character Collar’s producers created for him. “We can all be con artists at one time or another,” he says casually, taking a hearty swallow of iced coffee.

In person, Bomer looks a bit ruddier and slighter than on screen, more regular-guy; he’s one of those performers who seem to conduct electricity in front of a camera. In conversation, he’s engaged and engaging, with an actor’s expansiveness—much animation, many hand gestures—and a screenwriter’s vocabulary (he calls living in New York City after 9/11 “a diaspora” and the People accolade “flattering, but not a meritocratic achievement”). Overall, his vibe is that of the high-school jock everybody liked, who sat in the back of the cafeteria drawing in his notebook. Which is essentially what he was.

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Writer @aliceandjeff posted a new photo of Matt and Tim on set.

Check out what an upcoming “White Collar” guest star had to say about the cast, crew and, of course, co-star Matt Bomer.

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Jeff Eastin is also auctioning off autographed photos of Matt and Tim to raise funds for the family of crew member John Bolz, who tragically died this year. The money raised will go to John’s two children. You can view all of his auctions here.

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FYI: If you’d like to order Flaunt Magazine #110 (the issue Matt is featured in) and cannot find this magazine locally, please send an email to Mary-Catherine ( to set up an order and let her know you were referred by Kelly from Matt Bomer The magazine is $8.95 + shipping and you can pay using a debit/credit card or by check. I just ordered mine today and should receive it this week. The more issues purchased this way, the more likely Matt will be featured again in the future.


Writer @aliceandjeff posted a new photo of Matt, Tim, and Willie on set.

Are your friends getting wary of you now that you’ve picked up the tricks of the trade?

Well, I just did a scene where I pick somebody’s pocket and the crew told me they don’t trust me any more, because I guess I’ve gotten good at it! No, I don’t know that my friends think I’m conning them. Most of my friends I’ve had for a long time, so I’ve been conning them for years! People just think it’s the same old Matt.

You sing as well, don’t you?

I do sing, yes. Well, uh, I mean, if I’m drunk and it’s karaoke, then that’s one range of songs that I’d sing. But, all kinds of stuff. I started out doing things like Spring Awakening and Broadway stuff.

What’s your favourite karaoke song?

Oh, Desperado by The Eagles. Anything by The Eagles. That’s where I take it. I wait until everybody gets nice and tipsy and I bring them down another notch.

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