Added “White Collar” Episode 2×13 stills

I added 9 “White Collar” Episode 2×13 stills. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this episode! PS: I would like to thank everyone who voted in the poll and expressed their opinions regarding posting candids on the site. I’m also impressed with the amount of votes toward not posting candids…

Added “White Collar” Episode 2×12 stills

I added 25 “White Collar” Episode 2×12 stills. Looks like it’ll be yet another fantastic episode! PS: I also added “White Collar” Episode 2×12 stills on I would also like to thank Olena A. for donating $20.00 to the site!

“White Collar” Episode 2×11 Sneak Peek

You can view 2 more sneak peeks here. “White Collar” writer Alexandra McNally posted a photo of Matt and Willie filming this episode here. I also added 2 magazine scans from the upcoming issue of TV Guide. Thanks Lynn!

‘White Collar,’ green living

On the set of “White Collar,” which returns to USA with new episodes Jan. 18, “There are no plastic water bottles. We have water coolers and everybody uses their canteens,” says Matt Bomer, who installed an Aquasana water filter at home “rather than have 400 plastic water bottles around.” He also makes “a really concerted…

Added “White Collar” Episode 2×10 captures and video clips

What a fantastic episode! So happy to see my favorite show back on the air again. I added 365 “White Collar” Episode 2×10 captures. I also added 3 video clips and you can view them here. “White Collar” writer Chris Masi posted a photo of Matt, Tim, and the crew watching the episode here. PS: We…