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If you think Matt Bomer is crush-worthy wearing an expertly tailored suit as con-man Neal Caffrey on USA’s White Collar, wait until you see him in jeans and a t-shirt in our Summer Must List Issue. Bomer’s charm, smooth moves, and piercing blue eyes added up to him being named our Must Summer Crush. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to talk to him for our special double issue about White Collar, his favorite summer memory, and what’s he’s Musting after himself this summer.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There’s a lot of chemistry among the cast, especially between you and Tim DeKay. Was that instantaneous?
MATT BOMER: I think it was certainly with Tim and I from the get-go when we tested together. We spend a good portion of the day keeled over, laughing. That’s not a typical experience on sets, so we all feel really grateful to have a set that appreciates humor and allows it. When you work crazy TV hours, you got to have a good sense of humor.

What’s it like to film in New York City?
It’s amazing. New York City is really a character on the show. On so many shows, you get the gritty, dark, dirty corners of New York, and we celebrate the city. We shoot up. We’re looking up at buildings and seeing the blue sky. We also get to see the great upper crust aspects of the city. Multimillion-dollar brownstones, chandeliers that are six stories high, places that even if you’ve lived in New York for years, you don’t really get to see. We’re a crime show, but there aren’t a lot of guns or sex or nudity. It’s pretty clean.

Neal is such a suave guy. What does it take to be that much of a charmer?
Confidence. It’s a big part of the social engineering game. Presence as well, just being able to interact with people and thin slice them very well and figuring out what pushes their buttons and what charms them. Underneath all that, Neal is a die-hard romantic whose weak spot is his romantic life.

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What will we see with Neal’s love life?
The love of his life died in [last year’s] season finale, so there’s a part of him that’s really obviously crushed by that. He’s also a very proactive guy so he’s not going to sit around and cry about it. He’s going to find out who did it and how best to avenge her death. That’s a big struggle for him this season. But the fun thing about Neal is he never passes up a chance to flirt. No matter what’s going on, if there’s somebody cute, he’s going to make the most of it. It makes the day a little more interesting.

Now that it’s officially summer, what’s one of your favorite summer memories?
I used to go to sports camp every summer. I’d make a lot of new friends and it was all athletic. It was basically a place for parents to send their kids to run out all their summer energy for two weeks. My parents knew if they kept me active, I’d stay out of trouble.

So you got into a lot of trouble other seasons of the year?
Oh, I’m just going to leave it at that!

You’re on our Must List, but what’s on yours?
[The movie] The Kids Are All Right is amazing. The performances are insanely good. Julianne Moore is going to wreck you. This is the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’ve seen everything she’s ever done. I like the story and I think it’s a great alternative to the big summer popcorn blockbusters.

Inception is my big studio movie of the summer. That looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of Leonardo [DiCaprio]‘s and [director] Christopher Nolan’s. It looks amazing just from the trailers. The dream world looks unbelievable.

[The book] Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Kleg. It’s an addiction memoir about a rising literary agent whose life spirals out of control when he gets addicted to crack. I read about in The New Yorker and New York Times. It really intrigued me. Man, if they ever did a movie about this, I’d want to do it. The summertime, people get into that salacious type stuff. This one is really gripping and entertaining.

For more on Bomer, including crush-worthy photos from his New York City shoot,
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In the meantime, check out 2 gorgeous photos from the magazine below.

@WhiteCollarUSA also posted that there will be a photo spread of Matt in the August issue of GQ!

Matt was also mentioned here: ‘Vampire’ Queen Anne Rice: Matt Bomer Should Fill Brad’s Shoes

Best-selling author Anne Rice says that amidst “talks” of revisiting her ‘Vampire Chronicles’ series via a new Lestat film, she knows exactly who she’d like to see sink his teeth into the role previously portrayed by Brad Pitt.

“I’m loving Matt Bomer, and remain convinced that some day he would be a wonderful Louis de Pointe du Lac,” Rice shared on her Facebook fan page. “I mean if somebody has to follow Brad Pitt, it should be Matt Bomer.”

06. 29. 10
Posted by Kelly

Added new (old) publicity photos

I added 13 more photos of Matt at Paley Center (NY) on June 7, 2010.

I added 3 more photos of Matt at NBC Universal’s Press Tour All-Star Party on August 5, 2009.

Jeff Eastin also posted a photo of Matt during a “White Collar” night shoot.

Marsha Thomason posted a photo as well with Matt, Tim, and Shariff.

Contains spoilers!

@WhiteCollarUSA also announced Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason, Sharif Adkins, Tiffani Thiessen, Jeff Eastin, and Jeff King will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2010. The panel date will be Thursday, July 22nd from 2:15-3:15 PM in Ballroom 20.

In his eyes…. Matthew Bomer is nothing special.  To his fans – that is definitely not the case!!

Have U Heard paid a visit to the set of White Collar where I had the opportunity to meet some of the cast.  One of the questions that was posed to Matt Bomer was, does any part of you wish that you were less attractive?

The very humble Matt Bomer responded by telling the panel that they all needed to come in and see him before hair and makeup.  Something tells me that wouldn’t change his fans minds.

He fumbled a bit and said it was sort of an impossible question to answer.  He definitely had a point –  anything he answered would not come out right.

Bomer discussed his character and the fact that he has a con artist consultant on the set. 

For more of the interview, please click here.

Also, Matt was awarded 2nd place for TOP 10 PRIME TIME TV HUNKS OF ALL TIME.

MATT BOMER: While many on this list are newcomers to the television fame game, Matt Bomer is someone who feels like he’s been around much longer than he has because he slid in off the radar with ease and finesse. Sure a few years back he was almost the new Superman (but when directors changed Brandon Routh got the role) and had a recurring role on NBC’s Chuck but Bomer became the role of con-artist Neal Caffrey the minute he stepped in front of the camera in the White Collar pilot. It doesn’t hurt that his blue eyes are intoxicating and Neal somehow finds time to hit the gym but Bomer is everything a true TV star is -good looks combined with a natural charisma and a talent for acting that seems effortless. Season 2 beings July 13th – I don’t know about you but I know what I’ll be doing that night!

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“Guiding Light” Episode: 11/12/02 (42 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 11/19/02 (32 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 12/3/02 (99 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 12/10/02 (37 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 12/23/02 (95 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 12/26/02 (20 captures)

I uploaded 6 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist!

They contain all his scenes for his 77th through 82nd episode on the show.

You can view my YouTube playlist here.

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“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/15/02 (44 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/16/02 (42 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/24/02 (85 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/25/02 (42 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/29/02 (30 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/31/02 (98 captures)

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I’ve just uploaded 27 HQ photos of Matt on the set of “White Collar” on June 23, 2010 in New York City.


“White Collar” Season 2 Sneak Peek

You can also view a video of Matt signing autographs in NYC here.

A couple weeks back, we took you insider the super-advanced sneak-preview of “White Collar”‘s Season 2 premiere, as part of our trip to the USA smash-hit’s Queens, NY set. But in case waiting until that fateful July 13 evening doesn’t satisfy your “White”-hot anticipation for the stylish drama, here’s a taste of the intimate Q & A star Matthew Bomer (aka charismatic convict-come-FBI consultant Neal Caffrey) conducted that afternoon, fresh off shooting scenes just down the corridor. And remember to keep it locked here to TV Buzz for continued “White Collar” coverage and exclusive insights.

 MATTHEW BOMER ON NEAL AND KATE’S RELATIONSHIP: “What I always loved about the character is that his romantic life is where he got sloppy. It’s sort of his tragic flaw, Achilles heel. So, I truly believe Neal is a little bit obsessive-compulsive in a lot of ways. I think that’s one of the benefits and probably drawbacks of being as intelligent as he is. But yeah, [Kate] was definitely an obsession, but I think in his heart he truly believed that she was the one for him.”

MATTHEW BOMER ON NEAL REMAINING TRUSTWORTHY:  “It’s always been my hope for the character that he’d never just jump over to the other side of the moral spectrum. I hope he always stays in the gray area and loves it and enjoys it and he’s always testing his boundaries with Peter. But yeah, trust is really one of, if not the central theme of the show. It plays into every scene in all of the different characters… so it’s something that sort of shows its face a lot on the show in all the different relationships, and I hope it continues to be a central theme.”

MATTHEW BOMER ON HE AND NEAL’S SIMILARITIES: “Well, one of the real bonuses we have this season is that I now have an advisor, a con artist who advises me on set on a lot of things. So, I am getting a little bit more confident with my pick-pocketing skills, and I can actually pick a lock now. So, watch out. But as far as breaking into a bank, I’m not going to try to go there, because the main difference between me and Neal Caffrey is my ass will get caught.”

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MATTHEW BOMER ON WHETHER HE’S TOO ATTRACTIVE: “You all need to come in here and see me before I go through hair and makeup, and then we can revisit this conversation. That’s sort of an impossible question to answer. [I’m an] a**hole on either front or completely fake. I don’t think about it. I mean, I think as human beings we have a tendency to see some of our drawbacks more than we see our benefits. So I’ve never really thought of myself as anything special in that regard. So, thank you for that question. It’s brightening my day a little bit, but I don’t really know how to answer it.”

MATTHEW BOMER ON HOW THE SHOW HAS IMPROVED HIS ART HISTORY: “If I had to sculpt the things that it looks like Neal sculpted on there, we’d be in real trouble. It’d be like an episode of ‘Sesame Street.’… We have people who are very skilled usually, with whatever slight of hand or trickery I’m doing or sculpting or artistic endeavor.  And I always try to get to set a little bit early that day and figure out, you know, okay, well, show me what your technique is like when you are sculpting or when you’re brushing, or what part of the painting would you be working on right now? Or if we’re in the finishing stages of this sculpture, what tool would you be using, and how would you be using it?”

MATTHEW BOMER ON THE SHOW TAKING PLACE OUTSIDE NEW YORK: “No, I don’t think it could take place anywhere else. I think New York is really a central character in the show. And what I love about the show is, You see a lot of programs that shoot here, and they look down on the city and at the sort of dirty, grimy corners of SVU. I don‘t want to name any specific shows, but you know, they position New York as a very gritty place, and what I love about our show is that it looks up on New York and you see the tops of buildings. You see the big buildings in the background and it’s a very optimistic sort of blue skies version of New York City…. I mean, my god, if we shot that in like, you know, somewhere in Middle America, people would be like, ‘Well, you look like a clown.’ But for some reason, in New York when you’re walking down the street where everybody’ there to make a statement, it works.”

Source: MSN


Writer Jim Campolongo posted a photo of himself, Matt, and director Rosemary Rodriguez today!

Here’s another article too: White Collar’s Seamless Transition to Season Two

“In his heart of hearts, I think Neal really wants (what Peter and Elizabeth have), but the question is I don’t think he ever really believes that he can have it. So, I think, you know, there’s a part of him that does want that, but whether or not he’s ever going to be able to change his ways enough to go about getting it, is sort of yet to be seen.”

I added 44 more photos of Matt at Paley (NY) on June 7, 2010 donated by Amandafred.

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