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Added new photoshoot

May 16th, 2010

What can I say… Matt is simply stunning!

Thanks Rob for the tip!

I added publicity photos of Matt at the “Shrek Forever After” Los Angeles Premiere today.

I added 70 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 8/29/02.

I added 111 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 9/17/02.

I added 6 more HQ’s of Matt at the “White Collar” Press Conference on 11/23/09. Thanks Crayen!

Vote for Matt in the “Who’s dreamier” poll located here. Thanks for the tip Rob!

I added 19 more set photos of Matt filming “White Collar” on 5/10/10. Warning: They are spoilerish!

I added 14 set photos of Matt filming “White Collar” on 5/7/10. Thanks for donating them Crayen!

FYI: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Matt had to drop out of “What’s Your Number” due to scheduling conflicts with “White Collar”.  “Brothers and Sisters” actor Dave Annable is in negotiations to take his place. You can read more here.

I added 27 MQ set photos of Matt filming “White Collar” on 5/10/10. Thanks for donating them Dbiloo!

Update: I replaced 19 of them with HQ versions. Thanks for donating them Crayen!

I would like to wish all the mothers out there (especially my own mom and Matt’s mom) a Happy Mother’s Day!

I added 38 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 8/20/02.

I added 50 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 8/28/02.

PS: I’m flying to California tomorrow to visit one of my best friends. I’ll be taking my laptop with me, but probably won’t be updating the site as often as I usually do. I’ll be flying back home this weekend. Thank you for understanding!

Accidental Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay shot scenes from season two of the USA hit White Collar on campus at Fordham University on Thursday, May 7th. The scene Bomer shot alongside Gloria Votsis was quite intense. They get into a heated debate and she gets to slap him! Poor baby, I’ve no idea what provoked the scene because they actors weren’t speaking out loud during the shots. But homegirl did look extremely pissed off.

You can view more photos here.


I also uploaded 3 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist.

They contain all his scenes for his 62nd through 64th episode on the show.

Captures coming soon! You can view my YouTube playlist here.

Next week, USA Network starts rolling out a super-fun new promo campaign that finds the worlds of its most popular characters colliding. In the meantime, you can view 3 exclusive videos here!

Also, it was announced today that “White Collar” Season 2 will be premiering Tuesday, July 13 at 9/8c!

A crossover between White Collar and Burn Notice could be in the works.

Matt Bomer, who plays White Collar’s Neal Caffrey, told E! Online that he is planning the show with Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan.

Bomer added that the duo are pitching the programme to the USA Network.

“I love Burn Notice,” Bomer explained. “It’s smart, it’s fun, it’s action-packed. I would love to do a crossover.”

Source: Digital Spy

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