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By Kelly Mar 11, 2010 Gallery 5 comment

Matt attended the Broadway Opening Of “Next Fall” tonight in New York, NY.

PS: HQ versions have been added. Thanks Crayen! Also, thanks to @nextfall for the 2nd photo of Matt.

Did you know that Matt once lived in Ireland for 3 months? Neither did I! Apparently, he worked at a pub and couldn’t understand anyone’s order at first. How funny! I added 3 miscellaneous magazine scans from 2001-2003 when Matt was on “Guiding Light”. Thank you Kelly at Lexi-Ainsworth.net for mailing me the magazine clippings so I could scan them.

Since we’re on the topic of soaps, here are 2 more video clips of Matt appearing on “All My Children” back in 2000. I posted the same scene in the left video on March 1st, but the video on the right is where Matt gets his screentime with Susan Lucci. Thanks auPretender for the heads up and 8394147 for uploading it! 

PS: Matt appears @ 6:35 in the left video and 3:50 in the right video.

Edited to say: Oops! Matt is also featured in part 2 of the video clips above for just a few seconds.

By Kelly Mar 10, 2010 News,White Collar 3 comment

Congratulations to the “White Collar” cast and crew!

Tuesday night’s season one finale of White Collar ended on an up note, with a 1.4 rating with adults 18-49 (1.854 million) and 4.035 million total viewers. That was a 27 percent improvement from the previous week with adults 18-49 and 16 percent improvement in total viewers. Additionally, 1.866 million adults 25-54 were watching. It was the #1 show of the day on cable as well as the #1 show in primetime, edging out MTV’s 16 and Pregnant by 18 percent.

Season two of White Collar will kick off sometime this summer.

Source: TV by the Numbers

By Kelly Mar 10, 2010 Gallery,Video,White Collar 6 comment

I added 435 “White Collar” Episode 1×14 captures.

I also added 4 video clips and you can view them here.

What an absolutely amazing season finale! I cannot wait until “White Collar” returns for a second season this summer with 16 new episodes. In the meantime, I will be working on capturing more of Matt’s “Guiding Light” episodes and also keeping up with any news regarding Matt. I hope you continue to visit and thank you so much for all the support.

PS: Anyone else like the background music while Neal was sculpting the statue? I created an mp3 for it!

Wow: We now have 16,000+ images in the gallery!

By Kelly Mar 09, 2010 News,Video,White Collar 0 Comments

Also, Jeff Eastin was interviewed by Pop Culture Passionistas.

Q: Please tell us the story of casting Matt Bomer on this show.

JEFF: Yes. I can’t say enough how happy and lucky I am to have Matt on this thing. I give most of the credit to Gayle Pillsbury who was my casting director on the pilot… We’d been casting lots and lots of really good looking guys. It’s L.A. A lot of good looking people. And I remember walking in that particular day and Matt… was looking through his iPod in the corner, had jeans on, and his glasses.

Gayle pulled me aside and said, “Keep an eye on that guy. He’s a star.” He came in and read and we liked him right away. We took him to the studio and he went up. He went to the network and they really liked him. We brought him back, I think, two or three times.

I remember it was the scene from the pilot where he’s explaining to Peter that he’s got the photo and… the deduction he wants to go look for Kate. And that was the audition scene. And I remember, about halfway through that scene, I looked at a couple of the executives at USA and we kind of nodded at each other because we knew at that moment that we had the right guy.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

By Kelly Mar 08, 2010 Interviews,White Collar 6 comment

Do you think Neal is going to trust Peter more in the upcoming season?
I think Neal never really trusted anybody 100 percent, but I think Peter’s probably the person he trusted the most so you know, I don’t think he’ll ever be really, completely given over to him in terms of trust but he definitely has a lot of trust in him.

Did you know the show was going to be such a huge success when you started?
No! We had no idea. To me, I just loved the script, I loved the character, it was so much fun to do that whatever came about was great. I think I’ve been in this business long enough to not really have any expectations, just show up, do the work, and do the best I could. And I knew I was on a network that really gave shows a shot, and really got behind their shows and so I’m really grateful to be working for them and I was pleasantly surprised.

Do you have anything else you are working on?
Right now, it was tough because this hiatus was so short. I did have movie offers, but I couldn’t shoot them in such a brief period of time so that was tricky. But right now, I’m doing a workshop of a new Broadway musical. They’re re-making the last Rat Pack movie actually, Robin and The Seven Hoods, and I’m playing the Sinatra role in that, so that was sort of a fun way for me to get to flex my creative muscles with a much smaller time constraint.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

By Kelly Mar 07, 2010 Video 1 comment

Here is a short but wonderful interview of Matt at the event on 3/3/10.

By Kelly Mar 06, 2010 Gallery,Guiding Light 0 Comments

I added 24 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/4/02.

I added 36 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/9/02.

By Kelly Mar 05, 2010 Gallery,Guiding Light 0 Comments

I added 77 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/1/02.

I added 30 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/2/02.

By Kelly Mar 04, 2010 Video,White Collar 0 Comments

You can watch another sneak peek here.

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