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Matt attended Kevin & Steffiana James And Make-A-Wish Foundation Host A Day OF Fun today.

Edited to say: I replaced them with HQ versions and also added one more. Thanks for donating them Sam!

Another update: Added one more photo of Matt at the event. Thanks for finding and sharing it Jean!

Carol and her friend went to the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony back on February 24, 2010 and met Matt and Tim! They were able to watch the rehearsal and the ceremony. They also got their picture taken with them and also got their autographs. She says Matt and Tim were both very nice and down to earth. She also says they were so glad to meet fans from the show. Lucky girls! Please don’t post the photos below elsewhere, and thanks Carol for sharing your photos with us!

Matt Bomer has been online for 4 months today! In only 4 months, we have had 73,000+ visits, 681,000+ views in the image gallery, and we currently have 890+ followers on our Twitter too. That is absolutely amazing! I would like to thank all our loyal visitors, Crayen, Dbiloo, and Cam for helping me add photos, Jeff Eastin for creating “White Collar”, and also Matt for inspiring me to create this fan site in the first place. Want to see our stats over the past 4 months? If so, please click here.

Added more “Chuck” stills

March 14th, 2010

Thank you so much to Cam at Strahovski Source for donating them!

“Chuck Versus the Alma Mater” Episode 1×7 (5 stills)

“Chuck Versus the Break-Up” Episode 2×3 (7 stills)

I added 55 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/19/02.

I added 30 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/22/02.

I added 32 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 5/2/02.

I added 76 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/11/02.

I added 59 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/17/02.

I added 30 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 4/18/02.

I uploaded 6 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist.

They contain all his scenes for his 41st through 46th episode on the show.

Captures coming soon! You can view my YouTube playlist here.

For more information about donating, please click here.

By popular request, I added 188 captures from Matt and Tim’s “White Collar” Live Webchat on 3/3/10.

I also made 10 mp3’s for your enjoyment. Please link back to us if posting them elsewhere! You can download them here.

Includes: Burros, Carry On My Wayward Son, Collars, Finale, Georgia, Me Likey!, Parkour!, Sh!t, Some Say Love, and Statue Of Liberty.

Crayen sent me 9 more publicity images of Matt at the Broadway Opening Of “Next Fall” last night in New York, NY!

Edited to say: I added 4 more publicity images. Thank you Dbiloo for donating them!

Matt attended the Broadway Opening Of “Next Fall” tonight in New York, NY.

PS: HQ versions have been added. Thanks Crayen! Also, thanks to @nextfall for the 2nd photo of Matt.

Did you know that Matt once lived in Ireland for 3 months? Neither did I! Apparently, he worked at a pub and couldn’t understand anyone’s order at first. How funny! I added 3 miscellaneous magazine scans from 2001-2003 when Matt was on “Guiding Light”. Thank you Kelly at for mailing me the magazine clippings so I could scan them.

Since we’re on the topic of soaps, here are 2 more video clips of Matt appearing on “All My Children” back in 2000. I posted the same scene in the left video on March 1st, but the video on the right is where Matt gets his screentime with Susan Lucci. Thanks auPretender for the heads up and 8394147 for uploading it! 

PS: Matt appears @ 6:35 in the left video and 3:50 in the right video.

Edited to say: Oops! Matt is also featured in part 2 of the video clips above for just a few seconds.

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