Glee – Full Performance of “Somebody That I Used To Know”

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Glee’s Best Guest Star Ever? Matt Bomer Dishes on His Debut – and Prospects of Joining Season Four

1. Matt Bomer Is More Than Just a Pretty Face: He’s got blue eyes, too, people! (Kidding) You White Collar fans know well that Bomer can handle drama and action with the best of ’em, but his role as Blaine’s brother Cooper is his best comedic TV work yet. Work that is definitely Emmy worthy. “It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had, truly,” Bomer tells me. “I mean, [executive producers] Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan gave me a real gift, comedic gift of a character to get to play, so just getting to do the scenes they wrote was a blast.”

2. Cooper Anderson Is So Wrong He’s Right: As the international spokesperson for a credit-rating commercial, Cooper (Bomer) believes he is a great mentor to the New Directions kids, and teaches them that pointing and yelling lines is the best way to convey real emotion. (Take notes, people!) “It was fun to play somebody who has such strong convictions and opinions that are all completely ill-founded and misguided,” Bomer tells me. “But at the heart of it, you know he’s really trying to look out for his brother and gave him some of the slings and arrows of the entertainment industry and he’s trying to help.”

3. Darren and Matt “Clicked”: “He’s incredibly talented but also a really great guy,” Bomer says of his onscreen bro. “He’s completely accessible, and when I got the job, we went out to dinner to talk about our characters but also to just get to know each other, because in order to play brothers you have to have a sort of inherent understanding of the person. And he was thankfully a great professional and totally open to becoming friends so that it would translate onto the screen. Interestingly enough, I felt a very brotherly kinship with him. When we sing together, our voices seem to blend well together so it all worked out great. He’s just a fantastic guy.” And fantastically wet and shirtless in this episode, FYI. There is a boxing-shower montage you Darren Criss fans won’t be mad at! Get those freeze-frame fingers ready.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

‘Glee’s’ Matt Bomer Teases Cooper Anderson’s Arrival: It’s an Emotional Tornado

When Matt Bomer’s Cooper Anderson arrives at Glee’s McKinley High, Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother will cause quite a stir when everyone — including Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester — is impressed with the local celebrity.

While his heart is in the right place, the White Collar star tells The Hollywood Reporter that his hilariously named character is a total hot mess when it comes to offering career advice for the kids of New Directions: Point to be dramatic! Wink to be funny! “Unfortunately, the wisdom he’s dispensing is really illegitimate and awful,” Bomer says.

THR caught up with Bomer to discuss how he connected with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy for the role, covering childhood fave Duran Duran and whether Cooper Anderson could be back for graduation.

THR: Considering your partner, Simon Halls, is Ryan’s agent, has working with Ryan been something you’ve wanted to do for a long time?
Matt Bomer: I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan’s work for years, so yeah, absolutely. I’ve met him socially at the Golden Globes and incidentally at things over the years. But the first time we sat down together was at the meeting for was for The Normal Heart in September, and I was blown away by his talent. To be honest, nobody makes me laugh harder.

Is that where the idea for the best-named character ever — Cooper Anderson — was hatched?
(Laughs) I can’t take credit for that, I’m sure that was either Ryan or [writer] Ian Brennan. Ryan called me one day and asked if I wanted to play Darren Criss’ brother on the show. I was floored and said absolutely. He pitched a story line, and I was literally crying from laughter hearing what a hot mess this character was and how much fun it was going to be to get to play him. He, Ian and [Glee writer] Michael Hitchcock put together a real gift of a role for me.

How much of a “hot mess” is Cooper Anderson?
He’s somebody who has really strong convictions and opinions that are completely misguided and ill-founded, but his heart is in right place. He’s back in town to rekindle a relationship with his brother, and he really wants to help him and his classmates skip out on some of the flames and arrows of the business that he’s had to endure. I wanted to make sure that all the advice and “wisdom” he dispenses to the kids were all founded and based in something. He tells them, “Whatever you do, don’t go to New York,” because he didn’t have a good experience there and wants to save them the heartache of a very difficult business. Unfortunately, the wisdom he’s dispensing is really illegitimate and awful. (Laughs.)

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You can also check out a  sneak peek of the episode below!

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Matt Bomer talks playing Blaine’s brother and how it differed from ‘Magic Mike’

Gleeks already knew that Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) was dreamy. But, on the April 10 episode of Glee, viewers will get to meet Blaine’s even dreamier older brother, Cooper — yes Cooper Anderson — played by White Collar‘s Matt Bomer.

Cooper is the star of a credit-rating commercial, which makes him an A-list celebrity in Lima, Ohio, and major crush material for Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). He also gives the New Directions kids a “master class” in acting with such gems as “The key to a dramatic scene is pointing,” and “The secret to great acting is ignoring whatever the other actor is doing.”

Says Bomer, “It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. It’s so fun to play a character who has such strong convictions and opinions that are completely misguided and come from all the wrong places.”

MATT BOMER: Yeah, I definitely had tuned in for quite a few episodes. Ryan just gave me the call and said, “Do you wanna come on and be part of an episode?” And I said, “Absolutely. That would be fantastic.” He called me the next day and pitched me the character and the story arc and I literally had tears rolling down my face. [Co-creator] Ian Brennan is a friend of mine as well. They both just gave me such rich material to go off of. They let me go as cray cray as I wanted to.

I love that you just used “cray cray.” I always say that.
I use cray cray in the episode too. I’m not sure if it made it.

When you go back to White Collar, will you be pointing more?
[Laughs] Definitely. There’s definitely going to be a lot more pointing just to make sure the audience knows who I’m talking to. And if you see me in a two shot with Tim DeKay, I might have earplugs in my ears. I don’t have to keep track of what his character is saying to mine.

At the very end of your master class, you say you’re going to show everyone the “emotional tornado.” What does that exactly look like?
I think there were a couple of takes where we actually got into it a little bit. What I basically started with is “Your fingers are up in the clouds. Uh oh — is there a little electricity brewing? Is a storm gonna come? Uh oh — I’m feeling some emotions in the tips of my fingers and now it’s dripping down. Now it’s in my elbows…” [Laughs]

You can read the rest of the interview here.