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I’m sure you’ll want to watch them again, so I’ve posted the videos below:

Thanks kibakei for uploading them! You can watch Tim’s “Burn Notice” crossover commercial here.

“Guiding Light” Episode: 9/24/02 (27 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 9/25/02 (33 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 9/26/02 (96 captures)
“Guiding Light” Episode: 10/3/02 (87 captures)

I also uploaded 2 more “Guiding Light” video clips of Matt to my YouTube playlist.

They contain all his scenes for his 65th and 66th episode on the show.

You can view my YouTube playlist here.

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White Collar Comes Clean: An Evening with the Cast and Creative Team

When: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 [6:30 pm ET]
Monday, June 7, 2010 [7:30 pm ET] Where: New York, New York

In Person

What if The Fugitive’s Dr. Richard Kimble and Lt. Gerard had called a truce and teamed up? USA Network’s White Collar, having just concluded a sparkling rookie season, posits a similar scenario, as charming criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) turns informer for his longtime nemesis, FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay), in order to avoid a return trip to the pokey. Join the cast and creative team as they look back on season one and ahead to season two, scheduled to launch this summer.

You can buy tickets here.

Thanks Carol for the tip!

Also: 2010’s 8 Most Stylish Characters on Television

Who: White Collar’s Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer)

Why: As an imprisoned flim-flam artist, Caffrey bartered his freedom in exchange for a work-release program solving cases for the FBI, but his best maneuver was swapping an orange jumpsuit for clothing that looks so good it’s almost criminal.

Style Tip: Caffrey proves that well-tailored modern suits have just as much style as vintage ones. Equally impressive is his use of colors and patterns; the blue shirt and multi-stripe skinny tie are contemporary classics.

Source: (Thanks Rob for the tip!)

I added 29 HQ photos of Matt at the “Shrek Forever After” Los Angeles Premiere yesterday.

Here is a video from the event as well.

I also added 3 more HQ photos of Matt at the event yesterday. Thanks Dbiloo!

Added new photoshoot

May 16th, 2010

What can I say… Matt is simply stunning!

Thanks Rob for the tip!

I added publicity photos of Matt at the “Shrek Forever After” Los Angeles Premiere today.

I added 70 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 8/29/02.

I added 111 captures from “Guiding Light” Episode: 9/17/02.

I added 6 more HQ’s of Matt at the “White Collar” Press Conference on 11/23/09. Thanks Crayen!

Vote for Matt in the “Who’s dreamier” poll located here. Thanks for the tip Rob!

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