SAGindie Actors Only Brunch

Before leaving Sundance yesterday, Matt still took time to attends the SAGindie Actors Only Brunch. I have a few HQ pictures added in our gallery. 2017 Publicity > SAGindie Actors Only Brunch

“I didn’t see it right off the bat,” Andrew …

“I didn’t see it right off the bat,” Andrew Smith admits, but Bomer’s performance in HBO’s “The Normal Heart” was convincing, as was the actor’s connection to the role. “His read on Cal was super-deep,” Alex reports. “His father was a hunter, a fisherman, an ex-NFL player, and Matt himself had done fishing and bird-hunting….

‘Walking Out’ Cast Interview at IMDb Studio

Matt Bomer, Josh Wiggins, Bill Pullman and directors Alex and Andrew Smith sat at IMDb studio yesterday to discuss with Kevin Smith about ‘Walking Out’. Watch the video below, and check screen captures in our gallery. Online Interviews > 2017 – The IMDb Studio in Sundance (January 21)

Matt Attends Creators League Studio at Sundance

Matt attended yesterday in Park City his first event at Sundance Festival. He’s there to promote Walking Out and joined actor Bill Pullman at the Creators League Studio. We have only three pictures of the event, but you can find in our gallery. 2017 Publicity > Creators League Studio At 2017 Sundance Film Festival