“The Nice Guys” Promotional Images

I have a nice present for you, courtesy of our friends from Ryan Gosling France: HQ promotional images of Matt as John Boy in The Nice Guys. Enjoy!

“The Nice Guys” Screencaptures

The Nice Guys, Shane Black’s latest film starring Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Margaret Qualley and Matt Bomer was released yesterday in Digital HD. You can acquire your copy on iTunes and Amazon. Also, in some countries (like Brazil) the film still is on theaters so check to see if you have the chance to watch it on big screen.

Screen captures of Matt’s scenes as John Boy are added to our gallery. Beware for spoilers, avoid it if you didn’t see the film yet.

Matt Bomer Is Absolutely on Fire Right Now

Mens Fitness – By Mark Clayton

Long before he broke hearts as a lovably devilish ladies’ man on USA’s White Collar or shed 40 pounds for a Golden Globe–winning role as an AIDS victim in HBO’s The Normal Heart—and certainly before he gyrated alongside Channing Tatum in the Magic Mike films or played a vampire on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel—Matt Bomer was a Texas high schooler valiantly defying any and all stereotypes of what it meant to be a man.

Was he a handsome jock or a shape-shifting thespian? A gun-toting good ol’ boy who’d been hunting since he was 8 or a gay man coming of age in one of America’s reddest states?

Well, turns out he was all of them—at least, as long as his schedule allowed it.

“Unfortunately, my senior year I left the football team because I got a play at the Alley Theater in Houston,” says the 38-year-old Bomer, who still looks back fondly on his days as a wide receiver and defensive back. “I was crazy fast,” he says. “I ran good routes, and I had good hands. I didn’t drop passes!”

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“The Nice Guys” Promo Tour in London

Matt is currently in London as part of The Nice Guys promotion tour. Last night he attended a special screening at the Empire Leicester Square.

(View another picture here and a small video here)

Earlier today, he did an interview to a local radio station, and posted about it on his twitter.

Later he, Russell Crowe, Shane Black and Joel Silver attended a press conference to talk about the film. Check some videos below, plus some of his answer at the press conference by The Upcoming.

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Matt, John Boy is terrifying without saying anything, just in his demeanour. Was that great to bring to life?
Matt Bomer: Oh yeah, I mean it is always fun to paint with different colours and play these kind of roles you aren’t typically thin-sliced as, and to do it with these people. I am essentially a fan boy who is lucky to be along for the ride. Shane and Joel are a huge part of my cinematic upbringing: to watch two of my favourite actors create this incredible symbiotic comedic performance where one doesn’t work without the other and every take is different, it was just an incredible education for me.

RC: I could have made it work without Ryan (laughter).

We have been talking about the actors, what was it like, Matt, to throw a 13 year old girl through a window?
MB: Angorie is such a consummate professional that, you know, it was the first thing I filmed and I had to throw a young girl through a window and I immediately felt the need to ingratiate myself to these young girls, and that I was a parent and it was just pretend and they just stared at me blankly and were like, so? Throw me through the window, what you got? That’s it? I want another take! So yeah, they took me to school.

(Watch) Kinowetter Interview in Cannes

Another interview Matt did while in Cannes was published today. Watch it, plus check screencaptures in our gallery.

Cannes Festival: Interview for People Magazine

Yesterday People Magazine made a live interview with Matt (which videos was published on their Facebook page), to talk about The Nice Guys, obviously, but he also talked about other projects as Monty, and The Last Tycoon. He told he’s going off in vacations with his family this month, because next month (June) we’ll get the pilot for The Last Tycoon and, if picked (the full show), he will be busy for a while.

You can find the whole video (20+ minutes long) in our archive, plus screencaptures in our gallery.