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Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay Say THANK YOU

Also, Jeff Eastin was interviewed by Pop Culture Passionistas.

Q: Please tell us the story of casting Matt Bomer on this show.

JEFF: Yes. I can’t say enough how happy and lucky I am to have Matt on this thing. I give most of the credit to Gayle Pillsbury who was my casting director on the pilot… We’d been casting lots and lots of really good looking guys. It’s L.A. A lot of good looking people. And I remember walking in that particular day and Matt… was looking through his iPod in the corner, had jeans on, and his glasses.

Gayle pulled me aside and said, “Keep an eye on that guy. He’s a star.” He came in and read and we liked him right away. We took him to the studio and he went up. He went to the network and they really liked him. We brought him back, I think, two or three times.

I remember it was the scene from the pilot where he’s explaining to Peter that he’s got the photo and… the deduction he wants to go look for Kate. And that was the audition scene. And I remember, about halfway through that scene, I looked at a couple of the executives at USA and we kind of nodded at each other because we knew at that moment that we had the right guy.

You can read the rest of the interview here.