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‘White Collar’ Nabs ‘Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton

Beloved ‘One Tree Hill’ alumna Hilarie Burton – who just so happens to be one of the coolest gals out there – has booked a multi-episode run on USA Network’s ‘White Collar,’ Fancast has learned exclusively.

Warning: The rest of the article below contains spoilers!

[spoiler]And she’ll be playing no less than a romantic interest for Matthew Bomer’s “reformed” career con man.

Specifically, Burton has been cast in a six-episode arc as Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator-slash-white collar bounty hunter who has a bit of a score to settle with Neal. Yeah, it turns out that before he got thrown behind bars, Neal stymied her attempt to track down a stolen priceless painting – perhaps having pinched it himself.

Now that Neal is back out on the streets, Sara has locked her crosshairs on him anew. As a game of cat-and-mouse flares up, so do some criminally intense sparks.

In other words: This. Is. Going. To. Be. Hot.

Burton’s other credits include ‘The Secret Life of Bees,’ and she also is a founder of Southern Gothic Productions. And just FYI, she’ll be going back to blonde for the ‘White Collar’ role.

‘White Collar’ kicks off its second season on Tuesday, July 13, at 9/8c, leading into USA’s new spy drama ‘Covert Affairs’ (starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham).[/spoiler]

Source: Fancast

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  1. The WC writers tweeted (twittered?) this information this afternoon. Got some pointed remarks back about “yet another love interest for Neal”. I kinda agree. If he was so in love with Kate that he’d break out of prison, he’s going to get involved again so soon? Oh, well, I’d say I trust the WC writers, but I did the Lost ones and look where that got me, LOL! Hurry S2!

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