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‘White Collar’ Stars Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay’s On-Set Antics

Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay — the duo who play ex-con Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke on USA’s White Collar — always seem to be having so much fun together on the show’s New York City set. And besides singing on set, it sounds like Matt and Tim are always up to something.

“I don’t let Tim look at me unless we’re shooting,” Matt joked during a call with reporters today.

“It’s just better for me, that way I know the rule,” Tim laughed. “Matt will have production assistants come up to me and remind me ‘Mr. Bomer doesn’t want you looking at him until they call action.’”

“Tim is my life coach, he doesn’t know it though,” Matt went on. Then, turning serious he added, “There aren’t many days where we’re not laughing pretty hard.”

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7 Comments on “‘White Collar’ Stars Matt Bomer And Tim DeKay’s On-Set Antics”

  1. I am fascinated by whatever Matt meant about “the mythology” around his life. Such a curious turn of phrase.

    Fun, fantastic article!

  2. If you follow certain blogs, there’s an entire world of ridiculous speculation out there. Matt’s response was so perfect in this article – sort of confounds the morbidly curious types that tragically devote their lives to the blogosphere.

  3. Well, it just solidifies how intelligent he is (and how chill) to respond in such an eloquent way.

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