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Added “White Collar” Season 1 DVD captures

I added 188 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Gag Reel.

I also added 45 captures from the “White Collar” Season 1 DVD: Pro and Con.

The special features are totally awesome, so be sure to go out and buy it!


VH1 has announced that Matt will be attending the 2010 Do Something Awards.
The 2010 Do Something Awards air live on VH1 on Monday, July 19 at 9/8c.
Thanks Jasmine for the tip! You can read more about the upcoming event here.

7 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Season 1 DVD captures”

  1. That Gag Reel is amazing. Tim and his jacket and not being able to say Iraqi antiquties. Matt and Willie and the whole prison donut conversation completely in character.

    I’m listening to the commentaries (and not getting anything done at home) and so enjoying it all. Well done everyone, well done!

  2. I have never laughed so much at a gag reel. I love that they left it uncut for ‘language’ – hilarious!

  3. I absolutely loved the gag reel! Listening to almost every single actor/actress swear was hilarious. Loved Matt and Tim bursting into random bouts of laughter. What I wouldn’t give to spend just one day on set with these amazing people! =)

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