11 Comments on “Added “White Collar” set photos”

  1. Kelly – this site is so great thanks to you. Have you ever received any acknowledgement from Matt or his team on the site? I know human nature would guide him at some point to look at the site and I’m sure he would be pleased even if there is a ‘no-comment’ policy.

  2. Thanks Rob! Couldn’t have done it without Crayen and Dbiloo too! They have both helped me out so much by getting publicity photos, set photos , etc I don’t have access to. I have not heard from Matt or his management yet. I chat with Jeff Eastin on Twitter once in awhile, so I have a feeling Matt is aware of it. I am in touch with all the other celebrities I have fan sites for, so I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

  3. Kelly – Rob is right about how great this site is thanks to you (and Crayen and Dbiloo). I check your site everyday for upates and pictures. I really hope that you do get acknowledgement from Matt or his team letting you know that he appreciates the site and your hard work for making such an awesome place for his fans to get the lastest information and photos.
    Great photos of Matt and Tim filming in NY. I have to say they are looking good as always! I love these guys and White Collar!

  4. Great website! I hope Matt comes across it, definitely a great place for his fans to get together. Love him and white collar!!

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