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Matt Bomer Channels Old Hollywood Elegance

Matt Bomer exudes a certain mastery of self-control. On a Saturday afternoon dressed down in a Splendid Mills T-shirt, A.P.C. shorts and John Varvatos boat shoes so old “they’re molded to my feet,” Bomer maintains a sterling-straight face throughout the photo shoot for this story. (It helps that his face mirrors the kind of Greek aesthetic ideals that render any expression marble-worthy.)

“This is the most I’ve ever liked pleated pants,” he says, without a trace of mocking as he admires a pair by Gucci.

“I love this Harry Belafonte look,” he offers, clear blue eyes taking in a white Bottega Veneta jacket.

“I’ll do just about anything. I don’t do Jesus sandals,” he says, still poker-faced, when a pair is suggested and promptly whisked away.

The only time his unwavering features break is when the photographer suggests an existential directive for a shot.

“I’m going to stand here perched in my white loneliness,” he instructs Bomer to take as inspiration.

Cue actor cracking up before reclaiming his poise.

A mixed salad, an iced coffee and an Organic Avenue green juice later, Bomer is in relaxed mode, sartorially and otherwise.

“My compass is usually comfort. So if it looks nice and comfortable, I’m into it,” he explains of his unassuming off-duty style. “I’ve certainly learned that when you need to step it up, it’s fun to be able to do that with your own personal sense of style, flair and flourish.”

You can read the rest of the article (with some spectacular photos) here.

Thanks Lynne for the tip!

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  1. The photos in that article are unbelievable, Kelly. I hope you’re able to get them in HQ at some point. 🙂

  2. I want to make a new layout out of these photos so bad, but I’ve had a bad experience with this certain photographer in the past. 🙁

  3. I think these and the previous post of blue vest by windows are all time best so far but no doubt will top them in future.

  4. You’re welcome everyone!

    @clichejuice: I wish! I’ve made a layout for one of my previous fan sites with his photos. Needless to say, I had to completely remove it and I learned my lesson.

    I want to make a new layout for the site, but I haven’t decided which photos to use yet. I still totally love the gallery layout though, so I’m thinking about keeping that longer. 🙂

  5. Those photo shoot are out of this world! I was waiting for some fashion big name to snatch him as their model. (Like Versace did to Patrick Dempsey). It shouldn’t be too long now.

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