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Matt at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011

Matt attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 in New York, NY today!

[spoiler]From left, Matt Bomer from “White Collar”, stylist Brad Goreski from the “Rachel Zoe Project”, actor Xavier Samuel from “Twilight” and actor Reeve Carney from “Spiderman”.[/spoiler]

PS: Thanks to my friend Dbiloo for donating 3 more photos!

25 Comments on “Matt at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011”

  1. Interesting fashion forward look on Matt. All four men are definitely exhibiting a New York aesthetic in terms of how modern and individual their tastes are.

  2. Thank you so much! Matt is so great about turning up to stuff I’m really hoping we’re not going to get some huge drought of new pics/appearances now that White Collar is taking a break and will soon have finished filming. BTW, didn’t he do a GQ shoot that was supposed to be in the August issue? Anyone know what happened to that?

  3. Matt very handsone in picture one and glad he is wearing plaid. Like his fedora, everyone will be wearing plaid in 6 months.

  4. Interesting suit he’s wearing, but if anyone can pull that off, it’s Matt. He would be gorgeous in a straight jacket!

  5. Matt, a thin, beautiful man looks great in plaid. (Others will look like Herb from WKRP in Cincinnati!) But, fashion week is about fashion and Matt certainly stands out here. I’m excited for him to be at places he’s not been before now.

  6. I posted it under the photos. 🙂

    From left, Matt Bomer from “White Collar”, stylist Brad Goreski from the “Rachel Zoe Project”, actor Xavier Samuel from “Twilight” and actor Reeve Carney from “Spiderman”.

  7. I love Matt in most anything or nothing, but I am not sure about this plaid outfit. It does not do anything for me. Sorry.

  8. In that plaid suit Matt Bomer looks like any hip young New Yorker. If you follow any of the New York street fashions what he’s wearing is not that far out. And considering it’s an event during fashion week he fits right in. I wonder if he misses New York.

    The plaid suit may look shocking because it’s a far cry from what he wears on White Collar — remember they’re going for the Rat Pat look and style — and his own usual t-shirt and jeans. After being Neal Caffrey for seventy hours a week he might not want to dress exactly like Neal on his own time. The thing would be for him to take some of Neal’s aesthetic sensibilities and apply it to his own wardrobe without mimicking what White Collar’s designer picks out for Neal. Definitely one of the lessons he seems to have learned is the need to have a suit properly fitted by a tailor.

    I wondered who that suit is by. For some reason I was thinking Simon Spurr because it reminded me of something I saw in Spurr’s 2010 Fall collection. Or maybe it was just because I happened to be checking our Spurr’s 2011 spring collection just shortly before I saw those pictures of Matt Bomer (love pic 5). My favorite look from Spurr’s new collection is the grey jacket worn over light grey silk v-neck t-shirt and dark jeans and complete with hat. It’s the jeans and t-shirt look kicked up several notches. I think it’d be a great look on Matt Bomer.

  9. Just because a style is “hip” does not make it esthetically pleasing. This is not one of Matt’s better looks. The only reason he doesn’t look totally ridiculous is because he is tall, slim and exquisite. I could deal with the jacket (barely) if the trousers were a solid gray. Plaid trousers of any kind are tacky, but shadowed window pane trousers are grotesque.

  10. I think Matt’s pulls the suit off (and I’m enjoying that the shoes coordinate with the belt – as seen on the 5th pic). It’s true this look wouldn’t work on most people, but it’s totally appropriate for a fun, Fashion Week appearance IMO if you look like Matt. Also glad he’s gone with single breasted rather than double – he’s learning what cuts and tailoring look best on him. Really pleased to see him out and about and taking advantage of some of the perks his fame offers him rather than just working.

  11. my first reaction was… this is exactly why he would look good in a paper bag… dont dig the suit at all… but he looks sooo good that it really doesnt matter what he wears… look at his face in pic.5… perfection.. also he has cut his hair right?? YUMMY

  12. I think all of the four guys are wearing Simon Spurr. Since they are in Simon Spurr’s Spring Show, I assume it is the designer’s order or something. I don’t blame him for giving those to Matt, cuz I think he definitely is the one who can still be stunning in that suit.

  13. well it’s an interesting suit – please don’t hate me but it’s like he’s wearing pajamas but a suit lol i don’t know.

  14. I think the suit is totally awful, I would give a slap who made it.
    However, Matt looks GORGEOUS as usual. He looks goooooggeeous whatever he wears or not.

  15. It’s fashion week folks – you’re supposed to push the limit and have fun. Matt could wear a sack and still look better than 99% of hollywood on their best days.

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