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Added more “Traveler” promos + Birthday Book Update

I added 27 more HQ “Traveler” promos. Thanks clichejuice for donating them!


Jeff Eastin just sent me Matt’s reply to his birthday book! I’m so happy we were able to make his 33rd birthday extra special.

“Awwwwww that made my day!!! Wow, we are really reaching people all over the world. Thanks for the best gift ever.” – Matt

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I will be planning an even bigger project for Matt’s 34th birthday.

PS: Thanks again Jeff for emailing the link to Matt. We couldn’t have done it without you.

19 Comments on “Added more “Traveler” promos + Birthday Book Update”

  1. Glad he responded and enjoyed – thanks again Kelly! I read through them and truly messages from everywhere.

  2. Kelly, Thanks for putting together the birthday book for Matt! It’s so great that he responded and enjoyed all the wishes and love from his many fans around the world!

  3. great to see that he responded, and so quickly. Matt, you are winning hearts world over. hope you reach many more people by your next birthday.

    thanks a lot for your wonderful effort Kelly. also, many thanks to Jeff Eastin for being the messenger 🙂

  4. How cool that he responded and so quickly! You did do an amazing job on the book, Kelly, and I read it all. I couldn’t believe the fans all around the globe so I can imagine what Matt felt.

    Jeff Eastin is a wonderful showrunner.

  5. Thank you Kelly for giving us this chance to wish Matt a happy b-day. I so appreciate you and this wonderful site.

  6. Now ask Jeff if he could get an address to send fan mail to.
    Great job Kelly. So glad he Matt responded.

  7. Thank you Kelly and Jeff Eastin to help us to share Matt his birthday and I’m really glad that he love our gift.
    I’ll be ready to do anything from now to his next birthday 34 ,and I hope he read all our Messages .
    Thanks again..

  8. really appreciate all the hard work that goes into this site !!! Keeping us all in the loop can’t be easy. Also want to thank Matt and Jeff Eastin for taking the time to reply to all Matt’s birthday wishes. Really shows he cares about his what his fans are saying. Thank you again Kelly, Matt and Jeff.

  9. Hey Kelly–

    My friend in OZ, Monica, and I run the Official Michael Shanks website ( and know first hand all the work that goes into both running a website like this AND doing the birthday book! You’re doing a wonderful job and this is the first place I come to when I want to find out the latest information on Matt.

    Keep up the good work– Dana Jeanne

  10. I only started watching White Collar this year and so only found out about this site a couple of weeks ago, but the birthday book seems like such a great idea. Will definitely get involved this year 😉

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