14 Comments on ““A More Perfect Union: Stories of Prejudice & Power” storytelling event”

  1. The beauty of this individual ( whom I hold in high respect ) lies in the fact that; unlike a lot of individuals, he isn’t intellectually slothful & hence, he has an edifying effect on most who cross his path .
    We hope that he will be strong & bold enough to avoid any temptation to vanity which often tend to mislead people in this industry.
    On a positive note, again; Matthew Bomer does come across as an exceptionally brave & powerful man, a mighty soul !
    Indeed it is true what has been said to us: ” You are gods, all of you are sons of the Most High.” (Psalms, 82).

  2. Mandy, what song did Matt sing there? I can’t wait the broadcast..! 🙂
    Love to hear Matt’s singing!

  3. Kelly,
    Will you be able to post a vid of him singing ?
    He has the most glorious male voice … If he only lifts up his head, it would look like he’s singing to the heavens!
    It has to be 1 of the best voices in the world.

  4. Stunning and stylish as usual. Matt’s going to start appearing on ‘Best Dressed’ lists soon as himself rather than as Neal.

  5. OMG Mandy!!!!! You are so freaking lucky! I would be nervous talking to him…and it is not a surprise that he’s nice 😉 It’s my dream to meet him 😀 and he looks gorgeous as usual! He makes me feel happy…

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