4 Comments on “More photos from DirecTV’s Fifth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl”

  1. I have been loving all pix and your hard work, Ms. Kelly! Thank you so much! I love the pictures where he is unconcerned about the cameras. Matt does not take a bad picture.

  2. I don’t even think he knows how good looking he is. He has an innocence about him. Can’t wait until tonight’s White Collar.

  3. I’m such Bomer fan!! Great pics too!! I can’t believe he would do the whole DirecTV thing. I work with DISH Network, and I see DirecTV using celebs for advertisement all the time. I believe it’s more about the equipment and service you receive rather than expensive advertising. Oh well, I have more than 200 HD channels, so I know I will get to see Bomer either way!!

  4. Carol A is right about the innocence and an actress from his Texas CS days mentioned his infinite capacity for love and that shows as well. Let’s hope that the business he is in does not ruin that beauty from within.

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