7 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Episode 3×6 stills”

  1. Looking at the neck wear, I’m wondering if Neal will be pretending to be from Texas and Matt will be using his native Texas accent when playing Neal – I hope so, that would be adorable.

  2. Thanks for the updates, Kelly.

    I have a very good idea as to what’s going on in the latest photos. Looks fun.

  3. could anyone tell me why the stills are not in order in the galleries? that’s pretty disturbing for me… 🙂

  4. @fan62: Sometimes new stills are released after I already have other stills uploaded in the gallery. I don’t find that too disturbing. Now If the captures were out of order, that would be an entirely different story. 😉

  5. @ kelly. if the captures were out of order it would be very very very disturbing for me 🙂

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