• 12 Comments to "“White Collar” featured on “King’s Brunch”"

    1. Olena says:

      Yay! Wow! This is awesome! I was wondering about the Japanese dubbing for WhiCo, hee 😀 Neal’s voice is a little too deep but otherwise – it’s da bomb! Midori, Kelly -> ??????!

    2. CAROLYN says:

      Fun to see Matt and Tim speaking Japanese! Interesting.
      Matt at the end of the video is so nice. He really is giving of his
      time – such a class act.

    3. Afsana says:

      Kelly, if you have time, energy, & resource, then please, please make this video downloadable. Can’t see this with buffering 🙁 Couldn’t see the Magic Mike interview either.

    4. Kelly says:

      I will when I get home after work. I added the video after midnight and was way too sleepy! 🙂

    5. Mary says:

      So great to see WC popular all over the world & Matt….gorgeous & mannerly as ever.

    6. R says:

      Try watching the video on google chrome….it works then, unless you are seeing this with an apple app-ipad, ipad, iphone etc

    7. Melissa says:

      Thanks, Midori and Kelly.

      Any possibility of a transcript from someone who speaks Japanese? The woman doing the interview and everyone on the King’s Brunch set seemed very excited. It’d be nice to know what their comments were.

    8. Afsana says:

      Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH Kelly!

    9. midori says:

      I’m glad you like it! Yay!

    10. TeeJay says:

      Excellent! But I still find it disconcerting to see their mouths move but it’s not their voice coming out. And that from a person growing up in a country where dubbing is the norm…

      And now… Matt Bomer in German: http://vimeo.com/28903671

    11. Alva says:

      I know some Japanese so I think i can roughly translate what the people on King’s Brunch were saying:

      Man in orange suit: I believe it’s the first time everyone here see this show. What do you think of it?

      Man in blue suit: I don’t watch foreign shows very often, but I really want to watch this! Really! *everyone agrees*

      Lady: I want too! He’s really handsome and sexy! His eyes are so beautiful!

      Man in blue suit: I think he and the FBI agent make a great balance.

      Man in orange suit: I think the setup, an ex-con working with an FBI, is fresh and unique as well. *turns to lady in cowboy hat* You did an interview with Matt, how was it?

      Lady in cowboy hat: He’s such a handsome and charming guy. He treated me like I was his little sister, and I think that’s because we’re both from Texas. Though he had never been to Japan, he knows how to say ‘delicious’ in Japanese, which is what he always say when he goes to Japanese restaurant.

      That was it, I think I got it about 80% right. Basically everyone seems to be very interested in our show and can’t stop saying good things about Matt! 😀