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‘White Collar’ Stars Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Building Green

The names Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer may sound familiar, as they should, since they are the hit stars of USA’s “White Collar.” When they aren’t playing an FBI agent and a crook turned government asset, they are taking care of the earth by going green when it comes to their homes.

When DeKay isn’t busy filming, he is taking time to build a new green home “and we’re going completely green.”

“The house that’s there is beyond help, and instead of demolishing it we’re deconstructing it, taking it apart and sending everything that’s salvageable to Habitat for Humanity and things like that,” the 48-year-old actor revealed.

Bomer, 34, who is currently one of the hottest rising actors in Hollywood, is also incorporating greenness into his lifestyle. He plans on installing solar panels for his pool and gave eco-friendly Christmas gifts to the children in his family this year. Each child got a reusable water bottle with their name on it. How fun!

“Rather than waste a bunch of plastic bottles, they have their own canteens,” he said.

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