13 Comments on “New Event: Park & Bond Celebrates NYC’s Most Stylish Dads”

  1. Looking so absolutely gorgeous as always but his smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. Tension or tired from long days on the set. That tension disappears in the pix with Tim next to him. Instant relax! The last pix with Tim, Willie & Kyle are better as well. They are all great but his emotion slide in & he relaxes with Tim next to him. A bit like Neal & Peter. 🙂

  2. Found more pix on Twitter & Matt was much more relaxed and enjoying himself once they got past the mandatory pix for the press bit. Still, love how he relaxes with his friends & especially Tim around him. Looks like they had fun!

  3. Great photos as usual. The closeup of Matt and Tim is probably the best Tim photo I have ever seen.

  4. In the Access Hollywood interview it sounds as though Matt won some sort of an award or was named as NY most stylish dad??? Or did he just attend that avent? I saw another short interview today on one of the entertainment shows where he talks about it “being an honor to get recognized and it was a surprise for him”.

  5. @SaphireDee – As far as I can tell, Park and Bond put Matt first on their list of “New York’s Ten Most Stylish Dads”. I think that was the recognition, but I don’t think there was any kind of award.

  6. The gorgeous woman in black is Lynn Collins, who went to Klein High School at the same time as Matt. Lynn starred in “John Carter” recently (in which she was great, IMPO).

  7. Does anyone remember The Trinty western movies from the seventies, well i think matt would make a great charachter . he looks just like Terrence Hill who played Trinity in the movie actually there where Three movies . they shoud remake those movies , and then he would be bigger than life.

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