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Matt attends The Los Angeles Mission’s Thanksgiving For Skid Row

I added photos of Matt at The Los Angeles Mission’s Thanksgiving For Skid Row on November 21st.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Crayen for donating all the HQ photos!

PS: Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I just got back from California yesterday and spent almost 2 weeks there. More updates will be added soon. Thanks for your patience.

11 Comments on “Matt attends The Los Angeles Mission’s Thanksgiving For Skid Row”

  1. california – fun!

    thanks for the pics! the thing i love about matt the most is how giving he is. the fact that he’s perfection even in a chef’s hat is iciing on the cake.

  2. Matt is truly a beautiful person. As much fuss as people make about the outside it doesn’t hold a candle to the beauty he radiates from within. He really is one of the good guys. I just love him <3

  3. Did I spot Matt’s husband Simon?? With a bleu aprin and sunglasses
    Nice for the support,I like them very much as a couple! They fit perfectly together!!

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  5. I pray to god that Matt Bomer will star as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey triology… He fit perfect. Drop dead gorgeous!

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