13 Comments on “Matt Bomer and Simon Halls accept GLSEN’s 2012 Inspiration Award”

  1. Beautiful speech!! Openharted en honest! That’s how everybody should be….
    Simon talks so lovong about his family and Matt,love it! Didn’t know that Simon is also a very handsome man to look at,wow!
    I think this is a beautiful couple and they belong to eachother…..together they are strong and they will make a difference with there open harts to this world…thank you!
    Lots of love from the Netherlands!!

  2. Beautiful couple, and beautiful speeches from both of them. Matt’s was somewhat more personal, and it was clear he was moved when talking about his cast mates. He has such a lovely heart, and really is an amazing inspiration.

  3. What an inspiring couple. I’m amazed how articulate they both are. Matt is an amazing orator. He can mix humor and seriousness so seamlessly. Respects.

  4. Matt always seems to speak from the heart. What a genuine caring man. In a perfect world there would be no need for words like prejudice, intolerance and hate. But until we find that peace and understanding, I say thank you to people like Simon and Matt for having the courage to stand tall and fight for the rights of those who are still discriminated against.

  5. thanks for posting that video!

    the two are just wonderful! there should be more people around who are as open and caring as those two

  6. Thank you so much for putting this video in here. I loved it. These two guys are just wonderful. I am full of admiration for their social engagements (not only for GLSEN).
    At any rate they deserved this honour and they expressed their thanks for it in a very charming manner.
    Simon is evidently a very pleasant person and attractive as well. And Matt…he definitely is one of Nature’s masterpieces.
    I love him.
    XO from Germany

  7. I wonder if Matt and Simon fully understand how much they’ve advanced the cause for gay acceptance just by being who they are? I think that the Universe sent them to earth to be normal, loving, intelligent, humanistic beings who just happen to be gay, in order to show that this can be normal.

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