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Added “White Collar” Episode 5×10 captures and video clips

I added 330 captures and 5 video clips from last week’s episode.


4 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Episode 5×10 captures and video clips”

  1. WHAT a fantastic twist!!!
    I was in shock for several minutes after this episode ended!
    Then I watched it again – through very different eyes.
    This has GOT to be the best twist in all the seasons of WC yet.

  2. And I still REALLY miss Sara. Never did think Neal and Rebecca had anywhere near as much chemistry as he and Sara had.
    I think Neal may need Sara right now – Rebecca’s seeming betrayal is gonna be a hard blow.
    Sara was always in his corner – after she got over her stolen painting, that is.

  3. For now, thanks for the photos and video-clips, Kelly

    And thank you Cands, for the youtube advice.
    For that matter, I´m saying: Endless loop !!

    Neal is actually a poor guy. He tries to please everyone and fall down.

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