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  • April 21

    Matt Bomer Explains How The Normal Heart Changed His Life

    Written by Kelly

    Matt Bomer is the cover star of Out’s June/July issue (available on newsstands May 15), and he spoke with writer Shana Naomi Krochmal about the experience of acting in the long-awaited adaptation of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart directed by Ryan Murphy for HBO. In the film, Matt Bomer plays Felix Turner, who falls victim to the disease as Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo) and Dr. Emma Brookner (Julia Roberts) raise hell from opposite ends to figure out what’s happening.

    You can read a sneak peek of the interview here.

    7 Comments to "Matt Bomer Explains How The Normal Heart Changed His Life"

    1. linda merryweather says:

      I think Matt is incredibly brave and wish him every success with this thought-provoking film

    2. Diane says:

      He’s beautiful inside out. It’s impossible not to love this man

    3. Thank you for this article. When Matt was interviewed/spoke to Shana Naomi Krochmal, Matt’s true self appeared–a wonderful, warm, loving individual. That’s what drew me to Matt in the first place–I have never been one to obsess over stars, but I do with Matt Bomer. Furthermore, Matt has to look no further for unconditional love–he has it in me and, most assuredly, in you, Kelly and probably most of his fans. Have a good day, and thank you for this article. P.S. The photo of Matt makes the sun shine for me on this rainy April day! Again, thank you.

    4. Candace says:

      Well said, Michele! I too have never been one to obsess over stars, Matt Bomer is literally the first in almost 40 years! 🙂
      And it is also because his true warm, loving, humble, and extremely affable nature comes across so strongly in every interview he does.
      It goes without saying, of course, that he is also so extremely talented and just masters every role he takes on. I too feel unconditional love for him and support and back him, as much as a far-off fan can!
      I am in South Africa – of all places – and have had a very rainy day as well!! But it is always a delight when anything new is posted about Matt on this site. I love to celebrate his accomplishments and especially appreciate some of his acting talent by watching my TOP fave YouTube clip at
      Do yourself a favour and check it out if you haven’t already – it is REALLY top notch!

    5. Gabriele says:

      How true spoken, Michele and Candace.
      There is little quite extraordinary people, everyone has a point in his life where he outdoes himself and from that he have to make use of.
      I think Matt is right now, to surpass himself and to shape the course of his career by his personality and his heart-wrenching performances.
      I look forward to the future.

    6. Lynne says:

      Sadly, some homophobes and anti-Ryan Murphy people are flooding The Normal Heart’s movie site with 1 ratings out of 10 making it look horrible. Since they have opened rating the movie before it has even open and, if you feel like it, go rate it a 10 just to negate the haters.

    7. Matt Fan says:

      I’ve been following Matt since his early series. I knew one day his time would come, and this is it. The rest of the world will know what we have known all along.