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  • May 18

    “The Nice Guys” Promo Tour in London

    Written by Luciana

    Matt is currently in London as part of The Nice Guys promotion tour. Last night he attended a special screening at the Empire Leicester Square.

    (View another picture here and a small video here)

    Earlier today, he did an interview to a local radio station, and posted about it on his twitter.

    Later he, Russell Crowe, Shane Black and Joel Silver attended a press conference to talk about the film. Check some videos below, plus some of his answer at the press conference by The Upcoming.

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    Matt, John Boy is terrifying without saying anything, just in his demeanour. Was that great to bring to life?
    Matt Bomer: Oh yeah, I mean it is always fun to paint with different colours and play these kind of roles you aren’t typically thin-sliced as, and to do it with these people. I am essentially a fan boy who is lucky to be along for the ride. Shane and Joel are a huge part of my cinematic upbringing: to watch two of my favourite actors create this incredible symbiotic comedic performance where one doesn’t work without the other and every take is different, it was just an incredible education for me.

    RC: I could have made it work without Ryan (laughter).

    We have been talking about the actors, what was it like, Matt, to throw a 13 year old girl through a window?
    MB: Angorie is such a consummate professional that, you know, it was the first thing I filmed and I had to throw a young girl through a window and I immediately felt the need to ingratiate myself to these young girls, and that I was a parent and it was just pretend and they just stared at me blankly and were like, so? Throw me through the window, what you got? That’s it? I want another take! So yeah, they took me to school.

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