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Matt Bomer charms old Hollywood in Amazon’s The Last Tycoon

Entertainment Weekly has a first look on The Last Tycoon, the new Amazon Studios’ pilot that will air TOMORROW (June 17).

The series stars Matt Bomer as a wunderkind movie producer and Kelsey Grammer as his ferocious boss, studio chief Pat Brady. Together, the duo are determined to turn Hollywood’s studio system on its head, in a tale loosely based on real-life MGM moguls Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg.

Bomer plays Monroe Stahr, a fast-rising film whisperer who’s hard at work on a biopic about his recently deceased wife, Minna. The Last Tycoon also stars Lily Collins as Brady’s ambitious daughter, Cecelia, who has a tendency to hang around Monroe.

The pilot will air exclusively on Amazon Video in the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria and Japan. Amazon’s development process gives all customers an opportunity to stream and review pilots in order to help choose the next Amazon Original Series that are then available to Prime Members. All pilots are available via the Amazon Video app or online at So, if you’re in one of the available countries WATCH, RATE AND REVIEW!