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Matt Bomer shines in ‘Walking Out’, out now on theaters and VOD

Walking Out open in theaters today – and also can be found on iTunes for those fortunate living in the right place.

Reviews are being great so far (the film is getting 89% fresh on Rotten Tomattoes), specially coming to Matt Bomer’s heartbreaking performance.

The fact that Bomer is only 39 and still in shape from “Magic Mike XXL” only serves to underline the extent to which myth has shaped his idea of masculinity. It also makes him seem a little crazy. Fortunately, the actor plays against his pretty boy type so convincingly that you might forget where you’ve even seen him before. He has the far-off look in his eyes of a guy who resented his pop right up to the moment where he fell in love with the romance of becoming him. Bomer gives a commanding performance in a movie that fails to realize how evocative he is, the Smiths defaulting to flashbacks that show us less about cowboys and gender codes than we can glean from the wild look in its lead actor’s face. – Indiewire

Such a lack of easy-read intentions regarding the Smiths’ into-the-wild excursion tends to feel more like a complexity feature than an incoherence bug, however, and certainly doesn’t take away from Bomer’s prickly-to-proud performance or Wiggins ability to let you see this boy slowly turn into a man. – Rolling Stone

Bomer and Wiggins’s committed performances and the screenplay’s granular depiction of its skilled outdoorsman struggling against the elements that he’s typically able to handle bring an emotional richness to an otherwise simple, barebones story. – Slant

Make sure to support the movie. If you’re unable to watch the movie on IFC Center in New York, find here ways to watch it.